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Tema: Relocate Lost Files in Batchmode Please

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gbeulPRO InfinityMember since 2007
i have a pleanty of missing files (4500) after the migration (sadly the most played ones)
the feature relocate file work as a charm ++1 but to do this with all 4500 is a mess

please add an option to do the relocate for many files at once.

the files are still in DB and the files are still in the same folder as before but the database mark them as error (missing)

ps fix DB is no option because i don't whant to delete this files.

Problem Persists since 1745

Mensajes Wed 21 May 14 @ 8:22 am
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
relocate file as a batch might be very useful, as far as if it´s possible to realize...

Mensajes Wed 21 May 14 @ 9:03 am
yes I think finding missing files in a batch mode would be great so we can find songs that we have moved on the hard drive. doing them as single tracks is going to take ages. and old playlist can be updated with new locations and so on .

Mensajes Sun 25 May 14 @ 7:06 am
6 months and still no resolve? Yes, I have the same issue, . Worse, is that when I "Fix" a few "Lost files" and then close the program. . The next time I launch it again, They are lost again!

Mensajes Sun 30 Nov 14 @ 8:36 pm

Mensajes Mon 01 Dec 14 @ 4:21 am
I'd love this
I have two laptops I go out with. One is back up. To match them up I transfer playlists and cache folder from one to another. Is there an easier way to sync accounts on another 'back up' laptop. A history folder sync would be good too.

Mensajes Tue 08 Dec 15 @ 8:09 pm
I have an external hard drive and use robomirror. You can set it up on both machines (one master) then sync between them using the portable hard drive.

All I do is set up two sync paths, my music folder and my documents>VDJ folder and it takes seconds to sync from one to the other.

The program has many options to suit and best of all it's free.


Mensajes Tue 08 Dec 15 @ 8:15 pm
RobRoy wrote :
relocate file as a batch might be very useful, as far as if it´s possible to realize...

Not "might", but definitely...

Mensajes Fri 08 Mar 19 @ 3:38 pm

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