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Tema: Take The Virtual DJ 8 DVS Challenge [DigitalDJTips & Virtual DJ 8 DVS — scratching at the top table [DJWORX]

Virtual DJ 8 DVS — scratching at the top table

".. their DVS engine has been entirely rewritten, and is more than ready for primetime, and is coming out fighting!
After a sustained period of lasers, tears, slow drags, and repeated spinbacks, VDJ8 held up amazingly well. So right away, we’re giving it a tentative thumbs up.

We’re happy to report that Virtual DJ 8 seems ready to be taken seriously by people most accustomed to turntables."


Full article here:


Take The Virtual DJ 8 DVS Challenge

"Remember the Pepsi Taste Test Challenge? Well, Virtual DJ has today issued its own challenge. It has thrown a gauntlet down by inviting all DJs who currently use any DVS (digital vinyl system) to try the new Virtual DJ 8 DVS engine...

Unlike some other DVS systems, Virtual DJ’s doesn’t require you to own any proprietary hardware in order to use it, and also claims to work with anyone else’s systems “out of the box”. That means if you’re an existing user of any DVS system, you can download the demo and try it right away on the gear you already own. It also means if you have any DJ audio interface with two stereo inputs and two stereo outputs, or any DJ controller with an audio interface built in and the ability to connect up two record decks or CD players, again you can use Virtual DJ’s timecode solution without needing to buy extra hardware or plugins; all you need is some timecode vinyl or CDs (and of course a pair of decks or CDJs)."

- DigitalDJTips

Mensajes Mon 10 Nov 14 @ 3:47 pm
gibt es für die ddj sx 2 mitlerweile eine lösung wegen dem DVS oder muss ich noch das 99$ Packet bei Serato kaufen??

Mensajes Mon 06 Mar 17 @ 8:21 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
welches Problem meinst du ?

Mensajes Tue 07 Mar 17 @ 6:55 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009

Mensajes Tue 07 Mar 17 @ 8:44 am
Der Key ist bei mir schon auf 1 werckseitig eingestellt.

das funktioniert bei mir nicht wie es in dem link beschrieben wird.

Mensajes Tue 07 Mar 17 @ 7:17 pm
Haui70PRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2008

Mensajes Sat 25 Mar 17 @ 4:21 pm