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I mean send whatever is playing to the Broadcast area - something needs to be created to display Now Playing in the Broadcast area!

Mensajes Wed 17 Jun 20 @ 11:18 pm
You haven't answered his question!

Besides, this is a plugin for saving track info to a text file (as the name implies, and as is explained on the first page). Functionality to send track data to the stream already exists, built in to VDJ.

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 6:39 am
I’m not very good at explaining things properly - not a real expert in things - what I was trying to say was that you can stream whatever is playing to Shoutcast in text form, but it doesn’t seem possible to stream whatever is playing to Broadcast - an add-on or plug-in needs to be created to do that!

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 7:06 am
Where are you broadcasting to?

So far you've called it "the audio server" and "the other one". Now you're saying it's called Broadcast - a name which makes Googling for it almost impossible.

Please provide more info.

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 7:17 am
I forget what it’s called - there’s Shoutcast and the other thing that you broadcast audio to - something needs to be created to stream metadata to the latter!

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 8:01 am
Well if you can't tell us what it's called, I don't think there's much anyone can do!

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 8:47 am
The area marked “Audio” in the app itself and “Broadcast” in your own personal area on the site!

Mensajes Thu 18 Jun 20 @ 8:52 am

Could you make a version that works on Mac? OR explain how to do so? I'm on pro


Mensajes Fri 24 Jul 20 @ 4:11 am
TristanXPRO SubscriberMember since 2019
PachN wrote :
Discussion about Play2Text

This works with files I have locally, but not anything I stream from say, Soundcloud Go or Beatport. It just uses the weird code for that streamed song,.

Mensajes Wed 16 Sep 20 @ 3:52 pm
Would be cool if this could be used by home users as well. :(

Mensajes Sat 19 Sep 20 @ 2:54 pm
Not expecting PACHN to do this, but something similar for Mac users would be really helpful.

Ideally built in to the application on both platforms would be great.

A dream would be being able to create HTML Browser style sources for the likes of OBS placing specific Metadata from currently playing tracks wherever we like.
Maybe even Left & Right Deck values.

Hope Devs see this...


Mensajes Thu 28 Jan 21 @ 1:04 am
DJAkoniControlleristMember since 2017
I've been using this for years, but now since the latest VDJ update it's stopped working. On advanced setting I keep getting an alert saying "Sequence contains no elements". It just writes the variables to the text file too, no track or artist information

Win 10 64bit
VDJ8.5-64 b6294

Mensajes Mon 15 Feb 21 @ 9:11 pm
DJAkoniControlleristMember since 2017
DJAkoni wrote :
I've been using this for years, but now since the latest VDJ update it's stopped working. On advanced setting I keep getting an alert saying "Sequence contains no elements". It just writes the variables to the text file too, no track or artist information

Win 10 64bit
VDJ8.5-64 b6294

A couple of PC restarts sorted it. Must've been something wrong on my side!


Mensajes Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 10:16 pm
vjbatPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Is there a new way to accomplish this within OBS? Play2Text crashes way to much.

Mensajes Wed 07 Jul 21 @ 2:46 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Current file to a .txt as a in app windows plugin would be trivial for me.
What puts me off I don't really care to look into the obs plugins and their requirements, that and the mac requests.
I could be persuaded if there's an obs plugin that isn't fussy about where the .txt lives but I'm not going looking. [because I don't use obs]

Mensajes Wed 07 Jul 21 @ 3:46 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I looked, it's embarrassingly easy.
OBS source Text(GDI+)
point it at
make it a chatlog of one line.

Mensajes Thu 08 Jul 21 @ 10:08 pm
Just an update I need to add to this. In a comment I wrote earlier in this thread I had said to create a folder in your local disk, meaning local disk c in windows however after doing a lot of testing with this, as windows 10 has evolved they have made some security based changes to the C drive-local disk parameters. And now add in the fact with the coming of windows 11 and anyone using bitlocker on their c drive that could also add goofy time lapses and weird variable odd faults to it.

What I am doing at the moment which also makes it easier to find, I have a 4tb internal ssd that my music is stored in and I simply created a text file named pl dot txt to the root of that drive, no folder and pointed the window of my dsp or encoder at that file. this also radically shortens the path, for example on this machine that would be F:\pl dot txt

For those of you using external drives your mileage may vary. Personally all I use externals for is backups. Theres a lot of laptops on the market these days that are capable of 2 internal drives so every machine I run VDJ on has at least 2 or more in them.

Also something else I have done which has also helped its reliability is to place the Play2text.exe file in a Play2Text folder in your Appdata Local folder then "send a shortcut to the desktop". Configure the shortcut to "run as admin for all users" and also at realtime priority with windows 7 compatibility and its almost perfectly flawless as long as you have VDJ write history in vdj config set to 0 seconds.
Then you can create a batch file to launch all of the applications you use at the same time with a simple click on a desktop icon and all you have to do then is as usual- set Play2Text to its output file.

This may help some of you OBS users as well as I have never worked with that program myself, but I have and occasionally do use VMix and it works in a similar way and also requires "now playing" metadata from an audio feed. There are people using this with skype, discord and other programs as well.

Now I have a question for those of you that know html better than I. Since most encoders can read metadata from an html source. If play2text can output to html, then would it be possible to create an html path with no file, and run it like a live link? Kinda like a virtual cable does for audio? Because I was thinking that the write is only created for a split second and committed to the text file which holds it til the next song change. if there were no file then the encoder would just see the write and that would be all that's needed which would also improve the latency factor here. When I say that I am not speaking of stream latency but the latency in displaying some ultra short files like drops or jingles that are only 2 seconds long and sometimes less. VDJ does log them and never misses and play2text catches them but by the time it gets to write it, if you have started the next song after that jingle or drop or bit, it wipes out the entry before the write commits. Once again this wouldn't be an issue if this were just built into VDJ to start with as even 1 second entries are showing up perfectly in the log and also into the stream from the built in encoder and in the Broadcast/Radio Server window. This has been a major point of focus for me since I have a few installations of Virtual DJ in use at live AM/FM stations.

So I tried an experiment using the Breakaway One software encoder and also using the butt encoder and the Icecast/Oddcast encoder as a test. If you write a example title and artist to a text file thats set up for the encoders to read, and then delete the text file, the encoders retain whatever was written last forever until the next time something is written to them or assigned to a new text file, whether there is a text file assigned to it or not.

So why couldn't this info be sent via an html link with no actual destination file? Maybe html don't work that way, I don't know myself but this would completely remove any issues related to the destination text file and permissions and paths if it would. Say create a localhost link someplace in the system or would it need a file someplace to make the link stay alive?

This would still be so much easier if a now playing feature were just built in to vdj to start with. It exists in the radio server window so I don't understand why its so hard or complicated to just bring that out to a text file somewhere in the VDJ folder in documents, simply add a folder there that says now playing and put a txt file there for it as part of the VDJ setup. We are years into this and more people find more and more uses for it every day including OBS studio and VMix and other software that need this.

Once again a huge thanks to PachN for creating this to start with. As of now this is still the only way to get this function out of VDJ to a place where its useable.

Mensajes Thu 19 Aug 21 @ 2:21 am
Just discovered this tool.

BUTT for shoutCast and IceCast has a simple solution for this.

It simple takes the data from the historyfolder/tracklist.txt and read the last line.
Maybe it could be implented in the play2text?


Mensajes Wed 08 Sep 21 @ 11:16 am
locodog wrote :
I looked, it's embarrassingly easy.
OBS source Text(GDI+)
point it at
make it a chatlog of one line.

How do you get rid of the time stamp?
Came across a script but was only for Mac


Mensajes Wed 08 Sep 21 @ 11:35 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
setting tracklistFormat \n`WHATEVER YOUR FORMATTING`

Mensajes Wed 08 Sep 21 @ 12:08 pm