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Tema: Timecode Vinyl
mr.ZvooKPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2012

Friends, colleagues, specialists and professionals, I have a question-a task:
Available for use
Technics-sl1210 and Denon dn-mc6000

1) what needles and headshells should be used to use TimeCode Vinyl
2) Which sound card can be used to work with TimeCode Vinyl
3) can I use Denon 6000 as or instead of an audio card? to signal from the player Technics which will already be TimeCodeVinyl and the desired needle and headshell

I recently tried to start a signal Through the line in controller Denon, but nothing happened. Maybe one of you has already solved a similar problem once.

I am waiting for your comments and suggestions.


Mensajes Thu 17 Jan 19 @ 6:42 am
I can answer some of it I think

I believe you can use a MC6000MK2 because it has PHONO/LINE inputs on channels 3 & 4
Some controllers only have line inputs,

Some controllers send the input straight to master out. When that is how it's physically wired the signal will never reach the laptop so those can't be used

Other than that you can in theory use any soundcard with inputs. But if you have an oldschool turntable like a Technics 1200 it sends an unamplified phono output which won't work with line inputs. So in that case you need phono inputs on your soundcard, or you need a small preamp between the two (those you can get at around $20)

More modern turntables have line outputs, so those can be connected to any soundcard with inputs - even the one in the laptop. I made a video showing this a little while ago:

Mensajes Thu 17 Jan 19 @ 7:34 am