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Tema: Configuring Virtual for 2 laptops with the Pioneer DDJ1000
I've been scouring the forum and youtube for some starting points on setting up Virtual DJ on dual macbooks for use with the A/B ability on the Pioneer DDJ1000 and have not been able to find anything.

I've been able to successfully gain midi connectivity and everything works properly when switching between computers using the Deck 1/3 2/4 buttons on the DDJ1000. What I cannot seem to get configured properly is the sound card/ audio settings. The 2nd computer will not pass audio to the DDJ1000 when it is setup as the "B" computer.

My question is, what is the proper configuration for audio to successfully have the 2nd computer be able to play through decks 1/4?

Mensajes Sun 08 Sep 19 @ 3:03 pm
If you use the default audio setup and the default mapper then dual USB support should work fine.

Remember: When a deck is set to USB A (by the source switcher on top) you should not be able to control the same deck on PC connected on USB B, nor to hear it.

That's exactly how default mapper and default audio settings work for DDJ-1000

Mensajes Mon 09 Sep 19 @ 7:14 am
Thanks for chiming in. I am using the default config and all of the midi command work perfectly. The decks toggle between 2/4 and 3/1 just like they should. However, I cannot get audio to pass through to the PC on USB B on neither the 1/4 decks. Everything shows up on the jog wheels, all controls work, just no audio. Do you have any tips on what the audio config page should look like? Thank you for your help!

Mensajes Sat 14 Sep 19 @ 2:28 pm

Mensajes Sat 14 Sep 19 @ 2:51 pm