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Tema: Removed drive not showing in config to clean - virtual DJ delete drive from database
To find out what drive letter the files showing that are no longer connected is, right click on a file then click on File Infos
If it is say E: you want to delete
Type E: in the search bar, click on the top file of the list you need to remove, then hold down Shift, Ctrl and End, then right click on the list of files and choose remove from DB

Mensajes Sat 25 Sep 21 @ 3:33 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Don't forget to select "filepath" in search options
(drive is no more selectable)

you can create a filter folder too

Name : "Missing by drive"
filter : "Exists = 0 group by Drive"

it helps with drive = (none) which are online missing files or search

it looks like "remove missing files from database" does not affect not connected devices

Mensajes Sat 25 Sep 21 @ 3:59 pm