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I am using a CONECTIV soundcard and have uninstalled and re-installed ASIO4ALL (not that iam sure that does anything) and i still get the error message: error in ASIO sound driver. not enough channels?

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Mensajes Thu 11 Sep 08 @ 5:26 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
And you typically get this when ? The first time you change it from Simple to ASIO ? If so, just close VirtualDJ and reopen.

If it is when VirtualDJ is being opened and it is already set to ASIO, then usually the drivers are not recognizing the device correctly.

I would suggest using the manufacture's drivers for the device and set VirtualDJ to ASIO and select the card from the drop-down provided.

Also, the error is influenced by what you have the output set to ... what is the output drop-down set to? Something other than External Mixer ?

Mensajes Thu 11 Sep 08 @ 7:24 am
are all the soundcards inputs and outputs selected in the ASIO4all box within VDJ? and are they all turned green? (config -> sound setup -> ASIO config)

Mensajes Thu 11 Sep 08 @ 9:02 am
djpr1PRO InfinityMember since 2008
Use the latest m-audio conectiv driver not asio4all.

Go to Dj>conectiv>then choose your operating system.
Oh, you don't have to fill out that long survey just scroll down and download.

Mensajes Thu 11 Sep 08 @ 4:18 pm
^^ I installed the driver but it did'nt work. Said was unable to install drivers to your computer or something like that.

Hey wheres the rest of the thread gone when you are writing posts?

The error comes along when i set "inputs" to "timecodes", "ouputs" to "external mixer", "soundcards" to "ASIO driver". If i set inputs to "none" and soundcard to "ASIO" nothing happens. If i set "inputs" to "single timecode" then nothing happens, when i set either "timecodes" or "external mixer" or both i get the message.

There is more information if you need it.

I wrote the whole rest of my message but it did'nt post or got deleted or something.

....Iam pretty sure i know what is happening. I have 2 HDs and on that harddrive in "add/remove programs" section or whatever it's called the conectiv driver or software or whatever it is called is present but on this HD it is not. And Iam pretty sure there is a conectiv folder in program files on the other HD to, i remember looking in there and am not sure if i seen a conectiv folder but am pretty sure i seen a conectiv folder.

Does anybody know why conectiv won't install on this HD, anybody?

Mensajes Fri 12 Sep 08 @ 12:25 am
I am using the BCD2000 with VDJ and the lastest version. Everytime i log on to mix, the "Error in ASIO sound driver" comes up...ive tried reconfigure, tracks load and force the current track to stop, and i have to reconfigure again to keep present track to keep playing. I really need some advice or help with the above mentioned!!!!!!

Mensajes Sat 13 Sep 08 @ 7:42 pm
Come on people give us some help!!!

Mensajes Sat 13 Sep 08 @ 11:24 pm
DJMarzePRO InfinityMember since 2007
Try downloading and reinstalling the drivers from m-audio. connect your conectiv and go into your control panel > click "M-Audio Conectiv" or find "Asio Config" when your in the Sound Setupin VDJ, next to "ASIO DRIVER" options - see if the conectiv is showing up "connected" if not try a different usb port or usb cable.

If its connected try going to your Sound Set-up in VDJ

Input: Timecode (if you're using tccd's/tcv
Output: external mixer
Soundcards: asio driver
Asio Driver: M-Audio USB ASIO.

Mensajes Sun 14 Sep 08 @ 12:34 am
i also have this error too, mine says **record error** sound card not available... when i use ASIO

Mensajes Mon 15 Sep 08 @ 7:45 am
I wrote a msg last night but i was'nt signed in and after i signed in the msg did'nt save after i was forwarded back to the post a msg page. Grrrr, stupid, grrr rrrr,

Oh well, anyway.

Thats what Iam saying, when I select ASIO for soundcard not ASIO for whatever reason i can't remember, raaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, i did'nt mean to think about what i was thinking about, i did'nt mean to think about what i was thinking about i think im not to sure im pretty sure but i can't remember what i was thinking about. And thought about something else, and thought about what i waas thinking about again i think and thought about a few or one or more other things.

Ahh ok, in the ASIO drivers box or whatever the words are to describe it it is blank, no soundcard shows up Asio driver which ever one of the two, not no soundcard shows up Asio driver which ever one of the two, no Asio driver shows up for the conectiv soundcard???

Please help.


Mensajes Tue 16 Sep 08 @ 7:05 am
DJMarzePRO InfinityMember since 2007
it sounds like the conectiv hasnt installed correctly on your computer or has something wrong with it . when you connect it can you go into your control panel or device manager and see if your computer is picking it up. all i can suggest is disconnecting it - uninstalling all drivers then reinstalling then conecting conectiv once its finished installing.

Mensajes Tue 16 Sep 08 @ 7:56 pm
DJMarzePRO InfinityMember since 2007
also dont worry about asio4all i would get rid of it because the conectiv is asio so there is no need for it. if you're using vista you may need to go into sound properties and change the default soundcard to the onboard soundcard rather than the conectiv.

Mensajes Tue 16 Sep 08 @ 7:58 pm
That is what Iam saying, did'nt you read my post? I wrote conectiv does'nt show up in control panel or something like that, I wrote conectiv or not conectiv, the conectiv icon does'nt show up in control panel, i wrote something like that, it meant pretty much the same thing except I refered to conectiv in a different context I think the word is and was'nt sure on the name of the conectiv icon, how to refer to the conectiv icon in that context, well i knew, not well, it might not be a icon and was'nt sure on the name of it if it was'nt a icon.

Conectiv does'nt show up anywhere on the PC when i search conectiv in files and folders nothing comes up, yet conectiv shows up in soundcards and in VDJ, the only problem in VDJ is that it does'nt read that there is two channels, thats why i get the message "error in asio sound driver. not enough channels", as i said also

As i said also, not as i said also, the conectiv drivers won't off the M-audio website i get a message sayaing "software did'nt install etc etc no changes have been made to your computer" i wrote this but you obviously did'nt read my post! rah.

PLease help, i don't know what to do. Cheers!

Thanks if you can help.

luv lee. mwaa hahahahaha

Mensajes Wed 17 Sep 08 @ 1:43 am
DJMarzePRO InfinityMember since 2007
well if it isnt showing up on your computer then obviously you need to install it again - which I've already stated.

Just trying to help mate, download the drivers again and install them.

Mensajes Wed 17 Sep 08 @ 3:12 am
i have done... and it is still the same

Mensajes Wed 17 Sep 08 @ 6:40 am
Using windows 7, I was able to use my hercules rmx for a few hours then after shut down and restart i believe began to get message "error in the asio sound card dirver"
I have oler lap top with windows xp i installed the software, dont get the error message, however obvisouly program runs much slower.

Need help with first error messge.

Mensajes Tue 08 Nov 11 @ 11:35 pm
I have also gotten this error and have found that I need to disable my spotify program that was running in the background. Apparently having the program open prompts this error. As soon as I shut off Spotify and restarted VDJ it worked. Hope this helps someone.

Mensajes Fri 02 Dec 11 @ 10:43 am
I just bought a new laptop (hp) I was using an old vaio, I have thw wego and now in the new laptop I can't manage the wego, when I open virtual dj it says ''Asio not enough channels'' I try to fix it in the configuration and it says that probably my sound card it's not conected, what can I do????!!! please help!

Mensajes Wed 12 Feb 14 @ 1:24 am
Please start a new thread. This thread is 5 years old already!!!

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Mensajes Wed 12 Feb 14 @ 3:01 am