I am a mobile and wedding DJ and my wife is a vocalist. I have been the sound man for my wife for a number of years, still learning the DJ trade and VDJ but had quite a few gigs now. Just started to get into video and loving it.

Equipment list
1No - Asus ROG i7 6700HQ, 32GB Ram, NVIDIA1060 6gb Ram - Win10
1No - HP Laptop - Win10, AMD Quad 4100, 8gb Ram (Backup laptop)
1No - Gorilla DBS Pro Booth with equinox overhead and podiums.


A Man and His Music escribió en Tue 03 Jan 17
Very informative blog, welcome to Virtual DJ. You will be happy with your choice.
tayla escribió en Thu 22 Dec 16
Hey, thanks for the add, sorry about the late reply and all the best for 2017
locodog escribió en Thu 01 Dec 16
Very infomative blog, one thing I would recommend is to create a thread in the mix lessons forum for further discussion, then link to the thread at the bottom of the blog
the SOUND INSURGENT escribió en Fri 04 Nov 16
Thanks for the add bro, holla any time