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DJ BIGnix Experience escribió en Sat 30 Sep 17
Welcome to my FaceBook Music New's Group.

First of all, I have to say that, "Happy Chosing to Joining owr expending Club", for Dj's, Bands, SoundSystems ,and, Music Lova of all kinds of Style.
Secondo, please note that, the Administrator of this Group, actualy speak Frensh. Trying to do my best for English, as mutch as possible.

So ... i SpinRadio is my Trade Mark for the New's Group, but, also for a future Music SoundSystem that'ill try to Manage from my Home Studio.
The goal Is, first, meet Dj's with Music Mix & Match that they own the entirely "Record Right" of they own works.
After that, Swap or change, some part, or a complete song to an other Music Producer.
We have the oportunety for progressing the music sound each other from all kind of Studio Is. At a Taste from no One and anybody ...
Using the iSpinRadio Tag Logo Picture, for Marking the cover album, that is a Remix from an other Dj's Members on iSpinRadio New's Group.
If you Looking for the Logo TAG's Please e-mail me at:

For iSpinRadio each Sound, each MIX, each Loop's idees "is Like a Message in a Bottle"
For pleasure of Music Revolution Evolution Love.

Basicly, try to Share you favorite music, on "iSpinRadio New's Group FB channel", for any Particular music Style or Events you whant to promote.
We've got "two Sub-Group" ... It's my Favorite music Style that I realy like to got New's about ... And you can use It !
We got, Radio - Electronic, Experimental, and weve got, Radio - Alternative, Stoner Rock.
Use these tree FaceBook Radio Channel, with no limit, as long as you progressing your Music Skills with Us
By the way, all Members is treate with the same Lovely Respect.

Hoping to meet artists from all around the world, who got Stuff that could give me fresh new idee, for a Remix.
Share your Music Style and find your new idee for the second part by Browsing, FB RadioPost Station

Thanks for Watching ...

-BIG Up !

-DJ BIGnix

Mail at: