I now specialize in weddings, and have a niche for bilingual weddings in the US. Have rebranded from "Ticoindamix" to "Josh Torres DJ". I use VDJ and Serato.

What I love about VDJ is the fact that is more versatile than Serato and allows me to run my business and not just "mix" for a few hours.

Check me out at www.JoshTorresDJ.com

Ticoindamix amigos



schmidi_0 escribió en Fri 10 Aug 12
Hello, saw you post some great answers on the forums and just thought I'd friend you and say cheers! Fellow mobile dj here.
djjb escribió en Mon 14 Nov 11
thanks for a fun afternoon
Halo128 escribió en Thu 17 Mar 11
Sup Tico...quick ques...what best beginner pa set upu recommend...working with hercules rmx,vdj pro,
Ant1977 escribió en Sun 13 Feb 11
Hello Tico. Saw you are from CT. I'm from East Haven. I'm a new user, just looking for other CT DJ's to network with.
Seana23 escribió en Fri 21 Jan 11
Hi babe. Thanx for "friending" me... i'ze friended you, straight back...

slimcox1 escribió en Sat 15 Jan 11
Hey DJ I added u to my friends list