New to VDJ. My wife is a vocalist and so we have all the mixer and PA equipment. I am the sound man. I used to present Karaoke years ago so wanted to get into DJ'ing again, not that I was much of a DJ before. Having fun so far though, and that is all it is about for now. At the minute we play various mixes in between my wife's singing sets. So thought I could start DJ'ing instead. I'm fortunate that i therefore get a captive audience every Friday and Saturday night, and as I am not the one being paid, it doesn't matter too much if I screw up.

Equipment list


A Man and His Music escribió en Tue 03 Jan 17
Very informative blog, welcome to Virtual DJ. You will be happy with your choice.
tayla escribió en Thu 22 Dec 16
Hey, thanks for the add, sorry about the late reply and all the best for 2017
locodog escribió en Thu 01 Dec 16
Very infomative blog, one thing I would recommend is to create a thread in the mix lessons forum for further discussion, then link to the thread at the bottom of the blog
the SOUND INSURGENT escribió en Fri 04 Nov 16
Thanks for the add bro, holla any time