Hello, my name is Max.
I do mobile DJ and live sound work in the Northen Illinois area.
I have been in this buisness since 2008.

I am also a licensed electrician, which comes in handy in this field at time.

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blckjck escribió en Thu 26 May 16
Michaelhawkins1, I responded to your PM
michaelhawkins1 escribió en Wed 25 May 16
Hey Max could you check out my post. I have lost all my karaoke files , must have hit some filter .... they do not come up in search. they are still on D drive but will not appear in search
thanks Michael
jake 14 fox escribió en Thu 14 May 15
Thanks I put up the pic of my configuration options for your review .
jake 14 fox escribió en Sat 09 May 15
Thanks for your help today, I put up a pic of the mic config for you to look at.
DJ Bertie escribió en Wed 17 Oct 12
Hey blck! One of the VDJ representative took control of my computer, and configured the settings himself. For future reference, he told me not to use the VMS4 as the sound card, and instead go to 4 card out. All is well now, I still don't know how to control the other two track decks, but I suppose that's for another day. Thanks for sticking around for the help, I really appreciate it!
blckjck escribió en Tue 21 Aug 12
The command is unload. I sent you a PM. apparently I dont get notified to posts on my wall.
jimrichard escribió en Mon 20 Aug 12
Hi sir. My son is getting into the DJ business. We have the Numark Mixtrack Pro and Virtual DJ (of course).

I would like to create a code so that I can type a letter on the keyboard to unload the decks once a song has been loaded. I saw in one of your posts that you apparently know how to do this.

Unfortunately, we are new to this, so if you have time to explain it to me, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you.
blckjck escribió en Tue 06 Mar 12
3 months in and Windows 7 is still solid. It's allowed me to branch out more with video and effect. Getting excited for the eventual release of Virtual DJ 8
blckjck escribió en Mon 19 Dec 11
Day 5 of Win 7... best release MS has had yet...
blckjck escribió en Wed 14 Dec 11
The joy's of changing operating systems. Going from XP to 7, very nice so far.
blckjck escribió en Wed 30 Mar 11
From LE/Home to pro trial to pro = Happy Dance