DJing since 1976 with numerous regular Nightclub and Pub residencies in Consett, Stanley, Newcastle & Ibiza, including a 2 year spell on Derwentside Radio as Assistant Controller and Presenter. Left the Pubs & Clubs scene in August 2014 to take up residency at a local hotel doing Weddings and Corporate Functions.

Currently a Professional DJ since 2002. Although used vinyl for many years, never got around to using CDs, instead, became one of the pioneers in 1998 using mp3s and computers to DJ with. Initially playing out with a desktop tower system and then in 2002 moved over to using laptops. I did use...

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DjFiness escribió en Fri 08 Jan 10
Cool Name... Love the Setup. Just added you.
dj rozqui escribió en Mon 24 Aug 09
whati mean is that i will also lock myself up in my room and just play music all day and night!
dj rozqui escribió en Mon 24 Aug 09
hi soulman! i just saw the discussions on vdj forum. same as me! thy say music lovers specially the dj's don't grow old! why? coz were happy and it lenghtens life. by the way i added you as my friend! tnx! just get them all out dancing!
john london escribió en Thu 18 Sep 08
Hi, i'm still looking for a laptop and I'm wondering how ell you're getting on with the Dell laptop. What are the specs, is it 100% reliable with video and are you using vobs and the external hdd to store them ? you can contact me direct if you like All the best, John
djchris73 escribió en Mon 01 Sep 08
Thanks brother for the info on the hard drive....