Became a member of Virtual DJ Staff in 2014. Providing support in the Forums, Facebook and Live Chat. I also do a lot of skin development in between support here and my full-time job.

UK based DJ, originally from London and now based near Norwich. DJ as and when i chose to, if the monies right and its a nice venue then i'm in.
Over the years I have DJ's at many venues around London, Bristol and spent a season in Corfu.

Muro escribió en Thu 26 Apr 18
hey i have been using this skin for a long time and i really enjoy it only thing i wish you could modify is in effects mode when you assign the fx to buttons on your controller you can only assign 2.... is there a way to modify this??? this is for the blacksheep hd skin
alfredogamboa escribió en Thu 04 Jan 18
Hello djtouchdan,

I am testing your TaylaMaderVideo skin, which I like. But I have a problem:
When dragging a video to the DECK, only works the first time I do it, then what it does is open a window for "SAVE TRAKEDIT". Only "Load on" works.
How can I fix it so I can always drag the vidoes to the DECKs.
Thank you very much for helping me.