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djnawal444 escribió en Tue 09 Oct 12
Hi brother.i need your guidance on transferene of cue points.
Have changed my laptop. In the older laptop my songs were stored in multiple external hard disks, On my root drive C:\ drive, most of the songs were there. Now since i reloaded, i took a backup of C: and transferred it to an external hard disk with a drive letter g:\. now how do i get the cue points restored of the old C drive, and other drives on the external harddisks whose drive letter has changed.
xcakid escribió en Mon 09 Jan 12
I like it just fine. Sound is great and works well with VDJ. Only complaint I have is that the control are so close to each other and that the jog wheel for me are too small.
joeyboy248 escribió en Wed 12 Oct 11
how do you like the mc6000?