I cannot see the artist name or song title in the VirtualDJ browser

For files to show correctly in the VirtualDJ browser, please ensure the following:

  • The files are tagged correctly (I.e: ID3 tags in MP3 files for Artist,Title, etc.)

  • They are named correctly in the standard format Artist - Title

    E.g: ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp3

    (NOTE: If the files are tagged correctly, then the file name does not matter.)

  • The option to read ID3 tags is enabled in CONFIG -> Browser

    NOTE: VirtualDJ currently supports reading tags from MP3 and MP4 format files only. Files in any other format need to be named correctly (As above) to be shown correctly in the browser.

A bulk tagging utility such as MP3tag (Free) or Tag&Rename can help if you need to edit a large number of files, otherwise the tag editing facilities built into most media players (E.g: iTunes, WinAmp, etc.) or audio editing software can be used.

NOTE: Earlier versions of VirtualDJ such as v3 Console/Home Edition do not support tags so correct file naming is important.

NOTE: VirtualDJ will not automatically re-read tags from files that it has already seen. If you have changed the tags of a song and the change is not reflected in the browser in VirtualDJ, either right click on the song and choose File Infos, then click on the [^] for each of the appropriate fields, or select two or more files in the browser using either SHIFT or CTRL, right-click on them and choose Batch -> Reload tags.

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