Pre-listening to multiple decks

Q. How do I select more than one deck to pre-listen to (PFL) at the same time?

If you are using a two deck MIDI controller or two deck skin, then by default you will only be able to select one deck at a time to pre-listen to (PFL) using your headphones.

If you wish to pre-listen to both decks at the same time, simply turn the headphone mix knob (If your controller or the skin that you are using has one) to 12 o'clock (50%.) You will then be able to hear both the master and pre-listened deck equally in your headphones.

Alternatively, if you are using the full VirtualDJ Professional, you can change the mapping of the PFL or CUE buttons of your MIDI controller to the action: pfl - This will allow you to toggle PFL on/off for each deck. If you are using VirtualDJ LE, then you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional to be able to do this. There is usually a discount when upgrading.

If you are not using a MIDI controller, simply download and use a 4 deck skin instead of 2 deck. Most 4 deck skins are designed to allow multiple PFL in their mixer section. Most 2 deck skins do not support this.

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