Reload Tags

VirtualDJ will only read tags from files the first time it sees them.

If you have made changes since then using an external tag editor such as iTunes, Tag&Rename, etc. then you will need to manually reload the tags for the file(s) in VirtualDJ:

  • Browse to the folder where the file(s) are located.

  • Select the appropriate file(s) using one of the following standard methods:

    - Hold down SHIFT and click the first and last file.
    - Hold down CTRL (Or CMD on a Mac) to select individual files.
    - Press CTRL+A (Or CMD+A on a Mac) to select all files.

    NOTE: If you only need to update 1 file, you will still need to select at least 2 files, otherwise the batch options will not be available.

  • Right-click on a highlighted file and choose Reload Tag

  • By default, the comment is not updated because this may overwrite custom information that you have stored in this field. To also update the comments, you will need to perform the following additional steps:

  • Right-click on a highlighted file and choose Erase Comment.

  • Then right-click on a highlighted file again and choose Reload Tag

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