Sound card disconnects when switching to CD or USB mode

Q. When I switch to CD or USB mode on my controller the sound in VirtualDJ stops working. How can I fix this?

If you have a media controller with a built-in sound card that can also play audio CD's or USB media then you may find that the sound card disconnects in VirtualDJ when switching into CD/USB mode. As a result, when you switch back to MIDI/HID/PC mode, you won't be able to play music in VirtualDJ due to the sound card configuration no-longer being valid.

This is because due to hardware/firmware design limitations of the controller, it de-activates the sound card and/or MIDI/HID driver when you switch to CD/USB mode. This is common on older and/or cheap controllers that don't have the capability to keep the USB driver active while in CD/USB mode.

This is equivalent to physically pulling out the USB cable, so as far as VirtualDJ is concerned, the controller and/or sound card has been disconnected and removed from the system. When you switch back to MIDI/HID/PC again, the driver will be re-activated. VirtualDJ supports plug and play of MIDI/HID devices, so the controller should start functioning again to control VirtualDJ once the MIDI/HID driver has reinitialised, however VirtualDJ does not currently support automatically re-activating a disconnected sound card when it becomes available again, so you will need to manually click APPLY in CONFIG -> Sound Setup, once your computer has finished detecting and initialising the driver again. Automatic plug and play re-activation of a sound card might be possible in a future version of the software.

If you need to be able to safely switch between CD/USB and VirtualDJ on the fly, then the best solution is to use a separate external DJ sound card (E.g: Numark DJIO) instead of the sound card built into media controller. The sound in VirtualDJ will then not be affected when you switch to CD/USB mode.

NOTE: If clicking APPLY in VirtualDJ doesn't work after switching back from CD to MIDI/HID/PC mode then this is a problem with the driver or WIndows hasn't detected that it's available again yet (It may take 10-30 seconds (Or longer) for your computer to recognise and configure/initialise its USB driver.) If it never re-initialises there may be a bug in the firmware.

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