What hardware can I use with VirtualDJ 7

Q: What hardware can I use with VirtualDJ 7 ?

Most popular MIDI and HID controllers are supported, along with timecode vinyl and CD. Please see Timecode Requirements

See here the complete list of the supported USB MIDI Controllers for VirtualDJ 7.

Most sound cards can be used with VirtualDJ, providing that they are WDM compliant or have ASIO drivers on PC, or are CoreAudio compliant on Mac. However, sound card options are limited in Home FREE, VirtualDJ LE (Limited edition) and Broadcaster.

For a full list of current supported controllers, please install the latest version of the software (Or latest Home FREE) and go to CONFIG -> Mappers. Click on the button to the right of the drop-down list and untick the option to only show connected devices. Now the drop-down list will show all supported controllers.

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