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why is it when i search a track that i don't have and vdj find it for me when i try playing the song it says error?

Mensajes Thu 05 Dec 13 @ 2:54 pm
This may be because you do not have the latest VirtualDJ v7.4.1 installed and the songs that it found are from the free NetSearch sources, which are a free bonus for ContentIUnlimited audio and/or video subscribers.

This free bonus content is indicated by a grey globe icon and comes from various free sources on the Internet. We do not have any control over these free sources, so if they make changes to their servers, this free content may cease to work (Resulting in the stream unavailable error until VirtualDJ is updated with the appropriate required changes.)

To search your subscription content only, click on the ContentUnlimited folder to expand it, then click on Audio, Video, Karaoke, etc. as appropriate for your subscription(s) and the type of content you wish to find.

NOTE: The quality of the free content can vary, so always check and pre-listen to it prior to playing it out live.

Mensajes Fri 06 Dec 13 @ 5:22 am
I don't know how to save my finished music to my computer. How do you save it?

Mensajes Thu 26 Dec 13 @ 6:30 pm
Save your finished music? Please explain.

Mensajes Thu 26 Dec 13 @ 6:32 pm
ok i got the 9.99 deal for music now how do i download it on my computer for my external hard drive for off line use ?? please explain

Mensajes Fri 28 Mar 14 @ 6:58 pm

Mensajes Fri 28 Mar 14 @ 7:31 pm
i have muisc all ready on cp but can't get to on mixxer

Mensajes Thu 10 Apr 14 @ 7:15 pm
You need to "rip" the music (convert from CD to MP3) using software such as Audiograbber.

Mensajes Fri 11 Apr 14 @ 5:22 am

Mensajes Fri 11 Apr 14 @ 5:47 am
raveh97Home userMember since 2014
how do I take the music ive mixed on here and put it in my iTunes library?

Mensajes Thu 01 May 14 @ 10:42 pm
I don't understand. Are you asking how to record?

Mensajes Fri 02 May 14 @ 6:25 am
on the thing it says you can download music from virtual dj, how do you do that?

Mensajes Mon 12 May 14 @ 10:46 am

Mensajes Mon 12 May 14 @ 11:39 am
What if you record your songs on a cd how do you move it to your folder and if you play your own songs is it going only play for 30 seconds. Please answer my question.

Mensajes Sat 11 Apr 15 @ 1:43 am
What format were the tracks before you recorded them to CD? If they're stored in a folder on your hard drive, simply import that folder to Virtual DJ.

There is no time restriction when playing tracks that you've purchased and stored on your computer. The 30 second limit is only for streamed tracks (that are not "your own").


Mensajes Sat 11 Apr 15 @ 4:27 am
since we are having problems with netsearch, what subscription service should I use that is compatible with virtual dj 7 to get new music that I have not cached?

Mensajes Fri 08 May 15 @ 3:21 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
until we have a new provider, actual builds in V7 and V8 have a fallback to the netsearch cataloge.
maybe this can help until we have a solution

Mensajes Thu 14 May 15 @ 11:43 am
Can I use songs that I have previously bought on iTunes that are on my phone? If so, how do I use them on the Virtual DJ?

Mensajes Thu 13 Aug 15 @ 1:07 am

Mensajes Thu 13 Aug 15 @ 1:34 am
TDBennett wrote :
Upload them from your phone to your pc/mac

He shouldn't need to do that, assuming he's purchased them via iTunes on his computer then transferred them to the phone (i.e. the usual MO).

Just point VDJ at the iTunes directory and they should be visible.


Mensajes Thu 13 Aug 15 @ 6:30 pm