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Tema: Weird 'phase' like sound on some videos
This is a bit of a weird one. For about a month or so, some of my video files (legal mp4s from Smash Vision) have been sounding very weird, almost like a phase effect on them, sounding really poor. They have not been reencoded or anything, they are the original downloads. I play through virtual DJ through my Denon prime 4. I've tried lots of different things, playing directly to my tops (715a) without the subs, different cables etc It doesn't happen on every file, but it is the same ones with the issue. If I play an mp3 or flac version of the song then it is fine.
I'm at a loss!
I'm going to have to do a big troubleshooting session soon. I have recently starting using using a new Mac book Pro so need to did the old one out again and try and replicate. If I can rule that out, next step is the Denon, then the speaker setup, cables etc

Mensajes Mon 26 Sep 22 @ 11:13 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Also just try the headphone out on the laptop without the controller

Mensajes Mon 26 Sep 22 @ 11:49 am
Will do! I need to get in the venue this week and have a play!

Mensajes Mon 26 Sep 22 @ 12:32 pm