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Tema: Disabling sound enhancements in my headphones will cause unsupported encoding settings error.
Hi all,

I was experiencing some sound distortion in the first beat (kick) of a 4 beat bar in almost all my tracks (I recently upgraded my laptop and the problem came with the new PC). I found online that by disabling sound enhancements the problem may be solved. When I disable them, I get the unsupported encoding settings error (0x8000FFF) whenever I try to open an audio file (be that through windows media player, youtube, beatport and so on). I can trick the PC by starting an audio file with no headphones plugged and then plug them after the audio started, and in this case, the initial problem of sound distortion is gone, but ofc I cannot do this everytime that I want to hear a track with no distortions. Do you know any fixes for this? Meaning either fixing the distortion by keeping sound enhancements on, or by fixing the unsupported encoding settings error with the sound enhancements disabled.
Thank you :)

Mensajes Tue 24 Jan 23 @ 10:30 pm