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Interface - Database - Playlists


VirtualDJ offers a dedicated Playlists folder as a Root Element in the Folders List (location MyDocuments/VirtualDJ/Playlists) where all your newly created Playlists are stored.

Playlists are readable from any location. Simply click on that folder to expand and all your Playlists will be listed below that. Click on any of the Playlists to see its tracks in the File List.
If you need to gather all of them in the default folder, you can right-click on any Playlist (or even the entire folder) and choose File Operations Move to option from the offered menu.

Playlists in VirtualDJ


Drag any tracks from the File List and drop into the Automix area of the SideView.

Reorder the tracks by dragging them up and down to their desired position.

Once finished with adding and reordering tracks, click on the Automix Options button and choose “Save” from the offered menu. Type a name for your Playlist into the pop-up window and choose OK. The Playlist will then appear in your Playlists Folder in the Folder list.

VirtualDJ can save playlists automatically from the sidelist, Automix and karaoke windows by setting the option savePlaylist to "Yes" (see Options).



VirtualDJ offers the ability to create playlist sub-folders to provide increased organization of playlists that can be expanded and collapsed. This prevents having to scroll through a large selection of playlists in the Folder list.

Right-click on the Playlists folder and select Create subfolder…

A pop-up box will appear in order to name the folder. Give your folder a name and click OK or press Enter on your keyboard.

Right-click on the newly created sub-folder and select Create new playlist…

A pop-up box will appear in order to name the playlist. Give your playlist a name and click OK or press Enter on your keyboard.

Once finished, the new playlist will be nested in the sub-folder.

You can continue to create additional sub-folders and playlists within any sub-folder. Use the + buttons to expand the folder(s) or the - buttons to collapse them.


Make sure the Automix area is empty, or choose Clear from the Automix Options.

Right-click a Playlist and choose Load in AutoMix from the offered menu. The content of the Playlist will then be displayed in the Automix area.

Drag and drop new tracks or right-click and choose to Remove the ones that you wish to exclude.

Choose Save from the Automix Options menu. Keep the same name if you wish the newly edited Playlist to overwrite the existing one, or choose a different name if you wish for a new one to be created based on your changes.


Right-click a Playlist from the Folder list and choose to Delete from the offered menu.

From the same right-click menu, you may also Move, Copy, Rename, Load to SideList along with other Batch operations, such as Analyze, Add to Search DB etc.

Playlists do not get updated if tracks are moved, renamed or deleted (invalid file-path), even using File Operations of VirtualDJ. However, VirtualDJ will try to match and find your missing Playlist tracks in other drives, assuming that those have not been renamed.

Playlists keep the order of the tracks when saved. They can be sorted by any Database field and can have their original order if you right-click on any of the headers and choose Reset sort order in the File list.

Playlists can also be created without using the Automix pane. For an alternative way to create playlists please see here. iTunes playlists