Keylock Fast Stretching

Q. When using keylock/master tempo, I hear noticeable audio glitches/artefacts in the sound as I increase/decrease the pitch. How do I resolve this?

If you use master tempo/keylock, then you may find that the sound quality deteriorates when increasing/decreasing the pitch (E.g: Some of the bass drum beats lose part of their thump and/or other audio artefacts appear in the sound.)

If this is the case, then this is because you are using the fast (simple) master tempo algorithm, which is selected by default in a new installation of VirtualDJ.

As its name implies, it is a simple fast algorithm designed for use on slower computers. Providing that your computer meets and preferably exceeds the minimum specification for running VirtualDJ then you can obtain considerably higher quality master tempo/keylock sound by choosing Advanced Stretching in CONFIG -> Performances

Audio glitches, stuttering, popping, etc. may also be caused by performance and/or configuration issues with your computer. Please ensure that your computer has been optimised for DJ performance.

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