MIDI mapping an external DJ mixer

If you have a MIDI capable external audio DJ mixer (E.g: Pioneer DJM-700 or 800), then you DO NOT need to map EQ's, volume, gain, etc. to control VirtualDJ's software mixer.

You should use the hardware controls on your mixer to directly manipulate the sound. Mapping volume and/or the audio crossfader will prevent you from headphone pre-listening directly from the mixer (Because the sound is faded out by VirtualDJ before it reaches the external mixer.)

The only features that you will normally need to map on an external mixer are the crossfader for video crossfading (video_crossfader) and possibly spare unused knobs/buttons/sliders for triggering effects, samples, etc.

NOTE: In VirtualDJ v7 there are fake_* verbs that allow the crossfader, volume and EQ's to be mapped so that they move on the VirtualDJ skin, but are not applied in software to the sound. This allows you to manipulate the sound in hardware from the mixer as well as having the on-screen controls move appropriately. The verbs are as follows:


NOTE: Map the crossfader to fake_crossfader & video_crossfader if you wish to be able to mix videos using the crossfader.

For further information, please see VDJscript

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