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 My video output runs slowly or is very choppy

Video in VirtualDJ requires a high performance graphics card preferably with dedicated video memory. Please see the system requirements at the bottom of the following page: http://www.virtualdj.com/products/virtualdj/index.html

If you have a good specification computer and find that video runs slow or choppy, then this problem may be because your computer has dual video cards - One for high performance and the other lower performance to conserve battery life. Your computer is probably using the lower performance card for VirtualDJ, resulting in poor video performance.

In Windows, you can normally choose which video card to run VirtualDJ with by right-clicking on its icon and then choosing from the pop-up menu. Make sure that your computer is also configured for maximum performance in Control Panel -> Power Options

In MacOS, make sure that the higher performance video card is enabled by going to System Preferences -> Energy Saver and choosing Graphics: -> Higher Performance

Please also check your computer to ensure that it is optimised for running VirtualDJ.

NOTE: If your Windows PC is equipped with a NVIDIA video card and the option to choose is not available, you may need to enable it via the NVIDIA control panel:

  • Click Start and then Control Panel. Select Classic View from the left side of the window.

  • Double-click NVIDIA Control Panel.

  • Click View and next Add "Run with graphics processor" Option to Context Menu. Close the NVIDIA Control Panel.

  • Right-click on VirtualDJ's icon and select Run with graphics processor. Then, click High-performance NVIDIA processor.

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