Scratching with a non-touch sensitive jogwheel

Q. I experience a short delay after scratching on my MIDI controller that doesn't have touch-sensitive jogwheels

This is a hardware limitation of MIDI or HID controllers that do not have touch-sensitive jogwheels.

If the jogwheels are not touch sensitive, the music will not be stopped when they are touched or held still (Like a vinyl record would.) The music will only stop and scratch while the jogwheels are actually moving. There will be small delay after you stop scratching to detect that the jogwheel has stopped moving.

If you are serious about scratching, then you will need to upgrade to a controller with touch sensitive jogwheels to avoid this problem.

If your MIDI controller does have touch-sensitive jogwheels, the scratching delay may be caused by either not using a low-latency capable sound card (An ASIO capable card is required for this on a Windows PC) or you have not set the latency buffer low enough (This can be adjusted on PC via CONFIG -> Sound Setup -> ASIO Config button or CONFIG -> Performances on Mac.)

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