VDJ7 External Mixer No Software Control

Q. The on-screen crossfader, volume sliders and EQ do not move when I move them on my external controller or mixer

When using a MIDI controller or external DJ audio mixer you may find that the on-screen pitch slider, volume slider, gain knob, EQ knobs and/or effects knobs do not respond in the software. This may be because you are either using a non-MIDI capable real hardware DJ audio mixer (E.g: Pioneer DJM-300) or a MIDI controller that has a real hardware audio mixer built into it (E.g: Numark MixDeck.)

Most traditional hardware audio DJ mixers are not MIDI capable. The mixer section of some MIDI controllers such as Numark MixDeck are also not MIDI capable.

This means that it is not possible for them to update the on-screen controls in VirtualDJ. For an external hardware audio mixer, this is also not necessary - To see where the controls are, simply look at the actual knobs and sliders on your real mixer.

If your mixer does have MIDI capabilities but is not currently mapped, please see MIDI mapping an external DJ mixer.

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