Variable Bitrate VBR Files

When browsing and/or loading a song, you may sometimes find that the song length is displayed incorrectly, e.g: A 3 minute song appears to be 7 minutes long.

This is because the file is a variable bitrate (VBR) file, so VirtualDJ will not be able to correctly determine its length until it has been loaded and analysed in full.

When loading it to a deck, you will initially see the length displayed incorrectly, and then it will change to the correct length once the song is fully loaded (Entire overview waveform is shown.) However, for some songs, VBR can cause the length to initially be greater than the MaxLoad setting in VirtualDJ, which will cause it to be unnecessarily streamed from disk and preventing full analysis until the song has been played all the way through.

To avoid this, we strongly recommend that you pre-analyse your music collection to ensure that the correct BPM, gain, length, etc. is available for all your songs.

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