Vinyl mode is turned off

Q. Scratching does not work on one or both of my MIDI controller's jogwheels. It pitch bends instead

If the jogwheel does not scratch, then vinyl mode is probably turned off for that deck.

If your controller has a SCRATCH, VINYL or WHEEL MODE button, press this to toggle the deck back to scratch mode.

NOTE: If your controller has a single button for both decks, this will normally toggle scratch mode to the opposite state, so if scratch on the right was not working, it will now be not working on the left. To get around this, please use either of the methods below.

If it does not have a button, then depending on your controller and the skin that you are using, there may be a vinyl mode button on screen that you can click to toggle vinyl scratch mode back on again.

If not, go to CONFIG -> Options and click on Jog Mode to change it to Vinyl. If you are using VirtualDJ LE, then this option may not be available to you. If this is the case, download VirtualDJ Home FREE and use this to change the setting. Make sure that you exit it before the 10 minute trial of Pro features is up.

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