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 What does the Plus License offer compared to the Pro Infinity

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Q: What does the Plus License offer compared to the Pro Infinity ?

We offer a variety of licenses for VirtualDJ, to suit the requirements and budget of different users. You can see an overview of the differences between each version on our Licenses page.

A Plus per Controller license is required, If you need to use professional gear (such as external analogue DJ mixers, DJ USB Midi Controllers, DVS etc) , have all the advanced features but still use it at home (for non-commercial use).
Compared to the Pro Infinity, the Plus License has the following features/limitations :

  • Offers full access only to the controller that it was purchased for. E.g. a Plus Controller License for Hercules RMX2 will not unlock the use of a Pioneer WeGO (and vice versa).
  • The Logo of VirtualDJ on the Master video output cannot be resized/removed/changed.
  • Broadcasting using Radio servers is not available
  • Outputs Audio Setup is limited to the type of audio configuration that the Controller requires to operate. E.g. the External mixer audio configuration is not available if the Controller offers a built-in sound card that requires a Master & Headphones audio configuration.
  • Timecode Vinyl and CD control (DVS) has its own Plus License, and needs to be purchased additionally to the Controller License (if you need to use DVS along with your controller and in case of course the controller meets the Timecode Requirements).
  • Is not considered a Professional License, meaning that it can be used only for non-commercial purposes.

Note: Plus Controller licenses are non-transferable or refundable and cannot be changed in the event that you purchase a different controller. If you do purchase a different controller in the future, you will need to purchase an additional Plus license for that device.

If you do have the intention of changing/upgrading controllers or have multiple controllers, a VirtualDJ Pro Infinity or Pro Subscription would be a better choice.

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