What is ContentUnlimited

Q. What are Online Content Catalogs?

Online Content Catalogs is an optional cloud-based subscription service that enables you to stream music, karaoke and/or video (Depending on your subscription plan) via the Internet from a large on-line library.

You can also cache this content to your computer's hard disk to allow you to play it off-line at a gig where you have no Internet access.

Subscription Plans

There are three monthly subscription plans available:

  • Audio Plan - Gives you access to thousands of high quality audio files.

  • Karaoke Plan - Gives you access to professional karaoke videos from MegaHits (Formerly ChartBusters.)

  • Video Plan - Gives you access to high-quality professional music videos from VJ-Pro. This service is currently only available to professional working DJ's living in the USA. Subscription video services will be available to users in other countries soon.

You can subscribe to more than one plan (E.g: Audio + Video, Audio + Karaoke, Karaoke + Video, Audio + Karaoke + Video, etc.) but each will incur its own separate monthly subscription fee. Because these plans are serviced by different providers, it's not currently possible to offer a discount for subscribing to multiple plans.

Before subscribing, please ensure that you have the required version of VirtualDJ for the content that you wish to access.

Premium Membership

Users with an active subscription will also get Premium Member status on the VirtualDJ forums and community. This will allow you access to the reserved Premium Members forum as well as supporting VirtualDJ's active community. Each month, a part of the money collected from the subscriptions is split amongst the community members who develop the most useful plugins and skins.

How do I use Online Content Catalogs

Please see: How do I use ContentUnlimited.

Please note:

  • If you are a user of a limited version of VirtualDJ (VirtualDJ Home FREE, LE, Broadcaster or Basic) then subscribing to one or more Online Content plans will not unlock additional features in the software except for access to the streaming music that your plan provides (Providing that you have the required version of VirtualDJ.)

    For access to full features of the software as well as the ability to download add-ons such as skins, effects, samples, etc. or use full screen video, MIDI controllers, etc. To be able to do this and much, much more, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional. Please see our software versions comparison page for further information.

  • If you cease a subscription, then any content that you have cached from that plan will no-longer be playable once their cache authorization has expired.

  • Non-subscribers will be limited to 30 second previews of content from the plan(s) they are not subscribed to (Except where not permitted due to licensing restrictions, such as the Video plan which is currently only available to users in the USA.)

  • Some audio content in the Audio Plan is contributed by different sources and as a result the quality may vary. You should always pre-listen to unverified audio content first before playing it out live to your audience. Content that has been verified by our host can be identified when searching by a green tick on its globe icon. This does not apply to the karaoke and video plans (All content in these plans is high quality.)

  • Streaming free video content requires a video plan subscription (Audio plan subscribers will be limited to playing the audio of the video only.)

  • Karaoke and video plan content requires VirtualDJ v7.4.7 or later.

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