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 Virtual Karaoke

Nombre: Virtual Karaoke
Autor: sharkeyboy - No license user -

Fecha de inclusión: Sun 24 Mar 13 @ 7:30 pm
Ultima Actualización: Wed 19 Jun 13 @ 7:50 am
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small update #3:

changed the action buttons on "Load next singer button" - to prevent accidental clicking.. (Button does not function if Deck 1 is playing)
Also Right clicking this button Loads 1st song from sidelist, starts playing it & fades the crossfader over to Deck 1.

Update 2:
I chose the Y size of this skin as 730px so that the task bar can remain visible on a ?x768 resolution.

Added 1366x730 skin (basic resize)

Changed the way the View buttons work :
Music karaoke video: Left click shows only the media you have clicked on Right Click: Toggles selection on/off

Update 1:
just a few tweaks- after feedback from a friend who has been using it.
>Added "Load next singer" button: Loads the 1st song from the sidelist to deck 1 (right click loads & Plays)
>resized Automix next song button

>Added LMR buttons above video preview:
L displays video from deck 1 in centre preview
R displays video from deck 2 in centre preview
M displays main Video output in centre preview

>removed unecessary "edit search button"

>resized browser slightly (original caused graphical glitch when in fullscreen mode)

This Skin guide assumes you are not currently using "Field 1" in the file infos - It will be used as a "Singer name"

Features I have included:
keychange +/- buttons
Keylock (for use with the speed slider to change track speed without changing pitch)
Video delay +/- (Left button +/- 100ms Right button +/- 200ms)
large video preview

And quick shortcuts to:
>toggle view of music/karaoke/video
>automix to next song in playist
>add karaoke song to rotation & use Field 1 to input singers name(using file infos and field 1)

Instructions/suggestions for skin use as a KJ :

Firstly - Create a Virtual folder called 'singerlist' - This will store the singers in your rotation and allow you to retrieve them in the event of a crash...
[you could do one of two things to to this folder at the end of a gig: either select all of the contents and 'remove' them leaving you an empty folder.. or rename it giving you a history of what has been sung, if you do this, remember to create a blank 'singerlist Virtual folder']

I recommend using your decks separately for filler music and karaoke.. Deck 2 playing filler music using automatic mixing and deck 1 for karaoke.

I would also recommend setting up some filter folders for karaoke and audio files - eg:
Name: karaoke search
Filter: type=karaoke

Buttons & Actions:

Play button: left click - play/pause Right click - goes to cue point or start of track if no cue added.

stop button: right click - unloads deck.

adjust speed slider actions... left click on the +/- to adjust the speed in 1% increments.. right click on slider = 0% .. double click resets gradually

Mixer Slider:
left click on the left/right arrows will select that deck and auto crossfade to it. (it will also reset the Video Delay to 0ms)

Video: left click on large preview window activates video, Right click deactivates..

Video Delay: in the rare instance where the music is ahead or behind music on a karaoke track you can click on the video delay buttons +/- Left click=100ms right click=200ms

Key: +/- in semitones right click on either button to reset to original key.

Mix Next Playlist Song: If automix is selected this will do exactly what it says :D

Add to new: ** See below

Singer Rotation Ideas:
I have come up with the Idea of using 'Field 1' in the file info tag for a singers name. ( to change the way field 1 appears in the browser I opened Engliish.Xml in the languages folder and renamed the entries for 'User 1' from 'Field 1' to 'SINGER' then arranged the column headers in VDJ.

* Adding a singer/karaoke song - Search for the song, select the one you want from the results then click 'Add to new' - this does the following: it adds the selected song to the sidelist & singerlist folder and opens up the fileinfos box
Type the Singers name into Field 1 and click ok.

** Removing Singers names from songs... view all of your karaoke files (using filter folder mentioned above)
click on your Singer (field 1) column so you can see all tracks with a singer assigned.. highlight all of the files with a singer attached and click the edit Infos button > delete the contents of field 1 then click apply to all...


blue music note - audio file
red music note - unscanned file
yellow music note - bpm mismatch
karaoke file represented by a blue screen with a yellow K..
Played file - Red tick

I hope this is helpful to someone... Feel free to make suggestions and/or any changes you like to this skin and code (I have only used very basic scripts as i'm a complete novice!)

Thanks Anyway!