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This is the official skin for the "CDJ_EMU" by CHackl.

It's a multi touch skin with the optic from the CDJ2000.

This is the version for mouse use.

For the Touch Keyboard please use:

Support for the SBDJ OSK Plugin



Use only with the "CDJ_EMU" effect*.

For more infos for the "CDJ_EMU" please read the manual from CHackle

* for use without the CDJ_EMU effect Use the "CDJ_TOUCH" or CDJ_Mouse Skin.


resolutions: 1920x1080; more comes later

The Decks-Pannel:

- Big screen with the most songinformations and the songposwave
- To shift the remain Time please touch on it (CDJ <---> VDJ mode)
- Big jog in the CDJ LED CIRCLE Style
- Changeable jog or scratchwave
- Zoom for the scratchwave
- Big Play and Cue buttons
- Reverse button
- Hot Cue 1, 2, 3
- Changeable Hot Cue or Smart Loop (from the CDJ 900)
- Loop In and Out
- Loop and Cue Save (CDJ_EMU)
- Changable wide the Pitchfader (CDJ 6%, 10%, 16%, Wide)
- Schift CDJ and Vinyl mode
- Sync, Master, Pitch reset, Master Tempo buttons

Center Pannel

3 Pannels (Volume, EQ, FX)

- Volume Pannel --> include the Volumefaders and the Kill buttons
- EQ Pannel --> Touch circle faders for High, Mid and Low, and reset buttons
- FX Pannel --> Touch circle faders for effect slider 1 and 2 and a effect select area

The Browser Pannel

- Navigation Keys
- Load Buttons
- ...

The Config Pannel

- all locks and smarts from Virtual DJ
- the Virtual DJ Settings
- Master Volume Fader and Headphone Volume
- Change the Wave on top.
- Zoom for the top Wave

Have fun and best regards