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No license user
Mensajes Sun 12 Apr 09 @ 8:02 am
My mix lab skin is too big for my computer's resolution. the skin is 1200x800 and my computer's resolution is 1024x768.

Anyway, when i open up the program the "config" button is out of reach or cannot be seen on my screen. i am also missing a "cue" button on my 'b' deck.

any help would be much appreciated.




VIP Member
VDJ Radio DJ
Mensajes Sun 12 Apr 09 @ 8:19 am
Skins are for download by pro users only.

Anyways: you could resize your skin using the tool "Skin Resizer", also available for download if you're a pro user. Other than that you will just have to look for a smaller resolution skin...

Oh: and for an extra button, there's another tool available to edit your skin.


Atomix Productions
Support Retired
Mensajes Sun 12 Apr 09 @ 8:20 am
Maybe if you want skins that work with our software you should get them from us.

Go to my documents/virtualdj/skins and delete all but the skins marked "default"
This will force the program to open with the correct skin.


No license user
Mensajes Sat 09 Jan 10 @ 2:34 am
from which site i can download mixlab v3.1,i mean free download


Ultra-VIP Member
Firetext Representative
Mensajes Sat 09 Jan 10 @ 2:40 am
you can get it here absolutely free and just about everything else as well.... but you got to buy the programme.


No license user
Mensajes Sun 19 May 13 @ 2:27 pm
but is it illegal when you have VirtualDj Home free and download the mix lab 3.1 version for example on 2shared ?
Mensajes Sun 19 May 13 @ 6:05 pm
Yes, it is illegal because skins and other add-ons are only available to registered licensed users who have purchased the software.

By downloading the skin from a 3rd party illegal source, you also deprive the author of the plugin their reward for all their hard work (A portion of the money from Premium Membership is given each month to plugin authors based on number of downloads from the official VirtualDJ plugin site. Downloads from illegal 3rd party sources don't count.)

Illegally downloaded plugins may also be an out-of-date version with bugs and could also contain malware and viruses in the installer.

If you like VirtualDJ, then please support the software and its future development by purchasing it, especially if you are a working DJ and you are making money as a result of using it:

VirtualDJ Home FREE is for non-commercial use only and cannot be used at gigs where you are being paid.


No license user
Mensajes Wed 20 Nov 13 @ 4:29 pm
i have bought virtual dj pro 7 but still cant download skins


No license user
Mensajes Wed 20 Nov 13 @ 4:33 pm
it is telling me my serial number is invalid when i try to register


Ultra-VIP Member
Firetext Representative
Mensajes Wed 20 Nov 13 @ 6:32 pm
If you have purchased a version of VDJ you need to contact support, they are the only people able to help your situation.
Mensajes Thu 21 Nov 13 @ 3:19 am
As above, please contact support:


Professional edition user
Mensajes Thu 27 Feb 14 @ 11:42 am
I purchased VDJ 4 years ago, ive just changed my laptop over and installed vdj, but cannot get my old skins back, I want (mix lab 3.1)
how do I do this please
Mensajes Thu 27 Feb 14 @ 12:41 pm
Custom user-made skins can be downloaded from our plugins section, e.g:

To install, please see our FAQ pages:

Please bear in mind that old skins may not give you access to new features in the software though. Mix Lab 3.1 was designed for VirtualDJ v5.1, but we are now on v7.4.1

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