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Bugs List:

2- Probably my pc cause its only 850 mhz with 512 ram but after I hit play the song starts to play slow for a second then speeds to normal. Looks as thought the needle moving to the record is when it is slow. [ Homeboy ]
I have the same problem when i hit go to any cue while the song is playing [Coco]

4- Made it crash. While loading a track and playing a track I started scratching using the record to the one it was analyzing and it closed. Also crashed when selecting "set as home folder". [Homeboy]

5-Sometimes when you drop a track in it doesn't do the full scan it just does it quick....then drop the same song in again and it does the full scan. [Homeboy]

11- When I right click effects in effects window they don't engage until I release.[homeboy]

12- If a loop is enable on the active song and you hit "magic" or "synch" the loop gets disable but it shows as enable. [Coco]
===> Corrected [stef]
===> Im having this bug again but now the loop dosen´t show as enable. if you hit "synch", the loop mustn´t get disabled. [Coco]

14- After a recovery, (very cool feature, and very fast!) is it possible that the playlist could also be saved? [Rick]

16- When you load a new song, it dosen´t load at the cue1.[Coco]
===> I don't think I will add this. I think it is more intuitive for beginners to load at the song's start. It's not that hard to click on GotoCue 1 :) [Stef]
[home] I really like the feature that set it to first cue

17- Stef besides modifying the xml file for numberpad shortcuts is there anyway to add them. I use an external keyboard and found them very usefull. Are the shortcuts not updated in the menu ? [Homeboy]
===> It's in my todolist. It has not been implemented yet. [stef]

19 - => When VDJ was scanning a track (when I first loaded) I clicked the bar to change postion of track and it crashed no recovery [home]

20 - => After beatlocking 2 tracks and hitting the space bar to play second track vdj crashes (recoverable) [home]
===> when vdj does a recoverable crash, please give me the thread name (it's written in the comment box, just before the numbers. The numbers are actually unuseful, but the thread name is important) [stef]

22- Gives me Error in Kernel32 many times doing different things. What is Kernel and how can i get it solved ? [Coco]

23- I noticed when beatlock is engaged if you manually stop one of the tracks vdj slows and speeds up the track that is playing (almost like its still trying to beatmatch the tracks)[home]
=> what do you mean manually stop the track? [stef]

24- Maybe just a glitch on my machine but there was the remainder of a track left when I hit play after dropping a new track in. (like a second worth)[home]

25- Trying to analyse a bunch of re-mixes, 4 times now VDJ has locked up. I end up having to control/alt/delete to shut it down. I've checked these 4 files that locked it up and they seem to work OK with Atomixmp3. I'm trying to see what if anything these files have in common. [rick]
update: I have come across 5 files now that cause VDJ to lock up when trying to analyse. Initially as part of a large batch of files, but even individually it locks up. It also locks if I try to play them. Again, I have to contrlo/alt/delete to shut down VDJ and restart it. (also, since beta 11 didn't start a new internal database, I deleted that, and still had the same probelm. hope this helps....
===> Could you please send me one of these tracks? [stef]
sure, do you still have ICQ? my ICQ # is 217984. [I tried to e-mail one of these files, but it's too big. How can I send it to you?] [Rick]

25- b)After analysing 93% of the track Vdj crashes non recoverable. Then try to play the same track gives - Exception Error in Sound thread at 77f52109:48890189 Rick and I are working to report more about this bug [home] *the track is one of the above mentioned that Rick has troubles with.

26- Small request. In Atomix when you are using the mouswheel to scroll you did not need to click on the list to scroll through. With vdj you need to click then scroll and when you leave a list you must click it first before being able to scroll.[home]

27- I thought this was addressed already but I am noticing that on some tracks the beatlock squares are ahead of the first beat of a track (would be optimal if the first square was lined up with the first downbeat)[home]

28- I'm still having a big problem getting it to scan files without locking up. Each time I try, it still locks up on the ones that I had problems with before, and now there are 2-3 more of them that have locked it up. I don't get an error message, VDJ just completely locks up. Control/alt delete is the only thing I can do to shut it down and re-start it. In the interest of testing, I have sorted my remixes, and have begun going a-z analysing tracks. I'm up to the K's so far and have identified 10 tracks that lock VDJ up. I can't find anything single common thread about these tracks. However, they all scan and play fine in Atomixmp3. Homeboy tested one of them, and had the same issue. [rick]

31- Froze up scanning one of the tracks Rick sent me to test, made it to 93% and then was locked no recovery[home]

32- Exception Error in Scan thread at 77f52b58:8805468a, error was given while scanning a regular track not one of Rick's [home]

35- I was playing 2 new tracks at same time when vdj crashed with a recovery. After that, when i played newer tracks it didn´t write their bpms in the bpm´s column (and i played all the track)[Coco]

36 - When launching the software, the intiial callback values for volume, pitch and crossfader are not set steph! Thus hitting the right button on the volume slider or pitch/crossfader sliders will reset to an ramdom position when the button will be released. (not random apparently: volume jump to 0%, pitch to -33% and cross to full left desk)[Yan-x]
(it is related about the flash-buttons feature)

37- Options values are not saved at closed (pitch range, etc)

38- Dunno if it´s only happens to me but when i use loops (loop1, loop2, etc) + effects, gives me glitches noises or little jumpes (like a "break" cd)[Coco]
[rick] I tried this. It does pause or skip when looping if you try to add an effect. After several times I had a recoverable crash, and it reported an error in the sound thread

39- Crashed my entire macine while doing some extensive scratching.[home]

41- Modify the default skin in order to see the whole pitch % (since we've changed the font). [dams]

42- Many tracks are causing fatal errors (lots that worked fine in beta 13)[home]

43- Recording in mp3 correct. But when i tried to "stop" the record, fatal error came. I´ve tried it many times, same results. Not always, but mostly. Dunno if it helps, but was recording over and over the same "saved track name".[Coco]

44- Loop 1 dosen´t work fine. I´ve tried in different ways and same result. Instead of looping in the same beat, produces littles jumpes. Please try it doing a loop 1 in a vocal part of a song (leave it for at least 15" in that point) to see the results. [Coco]

45- VDJ crashes on my machine while trying to scratch with the loop engine active on the same desk. (more often when you reach the beginning of the track while scratching... try)
This action has 2 different behaviours: 1) the program closes. 2) the program begin to repeat continuosly the same sample, blocking the entire operating system. you've to turn off the pc. [cla]

46- Beta 16
Some tracks scan but no bpm is stored, therefore the track cannot be manually tapped out. Cue points are not being saved and I also have the same problem as Coco with the recording to mp3. As soon as I hit stop recording it crashes Restarted VDJ and after another scan of the same track it saves the bpm. Set a new cue and it saved also. Maybe a small bug ? Figured it out can't have 2 instances of VDJ doesn't save the infos... [home]

47- Crashed while recording and scratching. Completely shut off[home]

Corrected bugs list:

1- all the files on the drive did not get scanned and found that the path to the music is something like C:atomix\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Rick & Homeboy & Coco]
====> Corrected [stef]

6- Crashed it while switching options in options section. To be precise it crashed when I changed it from stretch on to off [Homeboy] -
===> corrected [stef]

8- Sometimes the loops dosen´t work. It shows marked but dosen´t work. [Coco]
===> corrected [stef]

9- when I manually edit the bpm of a misreported track, the little beat squares don't change. For instance I had a track that actually is 90 bpm... VDJ reported it at 123 or something like that. (VDJ souldn't feel bad, Atomixmp3 made the same mistake) So I manually edited it to be correct. I'm thinking that unless the little beat squares (what do you call them anyway) are corrected, the beat lock feature can not be used is on manually edited bpm tracks... is this correct? [Rick]
===> Corrected (plus a beattap has been added) [stef]

10- cue points on the # pad are not working [homeboy]
===> If you want it to work on the keypad, you'll have to define it yourself in the xml. The normal numbers and the keypad's ones are differents keys, and can have different shortcuts assigned. And since many laptop don't have a keypad, the default shortcut do not use it. [stef]

13- When you go to scan it asks "Do you want AtomixMP3 to scan your hdd for music files" Should be virtual dj [homeboy]
===> this is because of the old language.xml file. Many new strings have been added and there are still changes to come, so I will do that at the end.[stef]

15- No matter the BPM of the mixing songs... with beat lock activated, crossfader to full, when it get's to the center it holds for 16 beats. This shows a unique beat awareness.. however, if it takes VDJ a beat or 2 to get to the center, and then another couple of beats to get to the other side entirely, you are actually overlapping the tracks for 18 beats... perhaps the slider should move to the center before the song begins play. That way the mix would be a true 16 beats... Just a thought. Any way to get a 32 beat option? [Rick] (awesome so far!)
===> The automix will take exactly 8 beats to go to the center of the crossfader, then during 16 beats it will stay in the middle, then take another 8 beats to go to the other side. [stef]

3- If you reset the pitch yourself then choose to shut of beatlock it sets the track back to the modified bpm (matching the other track) should just shut off if you reset the pitch yourself. [Homeboy]
===> Corrected [Stef]

18 - Beta 9 => Beatlock doesn't work for manually tapped out tracks. It works at first, but if the track is moved manually it never syncs again [home]
===> This is done on purpose (and it happens weither the bpm was detected or tapped out). This way, you can always give a small shift if the beat aren't perfectly matched.
The beatlock won't try to match if you move the rhythm curve or use the "nudge" action (left and right shortcuts) [stef]

21- When u want to modify a bpm, if u delete the number and then hit on the beat tap, gives an error ! [Coco]
[Rick] do it without first deleting the number.
[Coco] I could use it but in that way gives an error and though it´s a bug.
===> Corrected [Stef]

20b- I will try to recreate the situation but I have another crash when you hit the space bar and clear the reported bpm and then try to tap it it crashes error code "Main thread at 40b814:4e8bf9f7" Suggested solution is to not have the current bpm detected automatically highlighted so when you hit the space bar it doesn't crash [home]
===> It was already corrected in the b10 (look at the topic 21). Now when I set a topic to corrected, I'll add the beta number. [stef]

23- I have 3 tracks that even after they've been scanned they don't display a bpm. I tried to manually tap the beat and got the following error. (recoverable) 40b814:4e8bf9f7
oops Exception Error in Main thread at 40b814:4e8bf9f7
===> Same as above [stef] (and give me the thread name, not the numbers of the error)

25- with the automix set to fade, it still cut off most of the track. Came in with only 45 seconds left in a 3 1/2 minute song. The first attempt with the setting changed to tempo, it started at the beginning, but 15 seconds into the song, it crashed. error was reported in main thread, but before I could hit recover, VDJ closed and went away. I'll continue trying to repeat this error.[rick]
===> You need to rebuild your database (the algo to detect the begin and end of the song has been changed, but you need to let him analyse the tracks again) [stef]

26- With the automix setting in the tempo setting and auto bpm, auto beat match, and auto pitch re-set disabled, VDJ still seems to be trying to match up the songs. to the point where it slows and speeds up the tracks so much it sounds like it's scratching. Also it started playing the next song 30 seconds before the playing song ended. [Rick]
===> That's on purpose. If you set the mix type to force to tempo, of course it will try to mix in tempo.
About the 30s, it has been corrected in beta11 [stef]

26- When you load a track that is in the range of the pitch setting, the pitch should automatically adjust to match the song in the other deck, even if beat lock is not engaged. (shouldn't it?) To get the pitch matched up right now you have to hit the sync button. [rick]
===> You need to set "auto bpm" to on, and if it's the first time you load that track, the pitch will only change when it has finished loading it. [stef]

28- While scanning file got error Exception Error in Scan thread at 40fd96:7c8ba5f3.....was a .wma file[home]
30- Crashed during scan of wma file....Exception Error in Scan thread at 40fd86:7c8ba5f3[home]
===> Corrected in beta14 [stef]

29- Right click still doesn't activate effects on the effects page until you let go of the right mouse button. I liked when it engaged when you right clicked and stopped when you let go of the right mouse button [home]
==> this was already reported as topic 11 [stef]

33 - Beta 13
In record section : The auto-start don't work (in wav and in mp3) [Morris]
===> corrected in beat 14 [stef]

34- When your recording, the elapsed record time is showed as a big number [Coco]
===> Corrected in beta 14

40- In automix mode, when a mix is done from the right desk to the left desk, the left pitch slider doesn't move while both pitch are changed. [dams]
===> Corrected in beta 14

7- I cannot choose any sound configuration [ Coco ]
===> The sound configuration is not coded yet. It'll be added soon. [Dams]
===> Corrected in beta 15

Mensajes Thu 08 May 03 @ 8:55 pm
Smart: try to figure out what kind of mix to perform by itself. If the songs have enough beat, it will beatmix them, or else it will fade them.

Fade: alsways perform a quick fade, from the song's start to the song's end (almost, in fact it takes the first occurence of a good volume, so it will remove blank trailers and very low intros).

Tempo: force a tempo mix even if vdj can't find enough tempo. It will play from the first detected beat to the last, and if vdj hasn't detected any tempo, it will use the old method (pushing magic several times per seconds) instead of the beatlock.

Mensajes Tue 13 May 03 @ 11:19 pm
(nt = no text)

Mensajes Thu 15 May 03 @ 5:34 pm
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added # 36

Mensajes Fri 16 May 03 @ 10:25 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Bug # 28 [more information]
I spent the last couple days scanning a total of 1735 tracks. 17 of them locked up the computer. I checked 3 or 4 of them and they each play and analyse ok with Atomixmp3. I hope this information proves to be helpful.

Mensajes Fri 16 May 03 @ 10:50 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
**Plus corrected bug n° 12

Mensajes Fri 16 May 03 @ 11:02 pm
DJ CocoPRO InfinityMember since 2003
(nt = no text)

Mensajes Sun 18 May 03 @ 5:56 pm
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added #45

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Added #46,47

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