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eliqoHome userMember since 2009
is there any way to make an a capella in Virtual DJ? can anyone tell me the exact steps
so i can have only the voice of the singer without music and anything in the milieu of the song
im years searchin on how to do that
10x always :)

Mensajes Wed 19 Aug 09 @ 8:56 pm
mizurPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There is no way with Virtual Dj, nor any other commercial software to make an acapella.

You might punch up the middle frequencies with any audio editor and fade out the high and low ones, but you will allways come up with a dirty result.

It's like you having an ORANGE colored car and trying to remove the YELLOW in the orange so that only the colr RED remains... sounds absurd... same principle here...

In the final production mix, the voice gets mashed up with all other corresponding frequencies, and as much as you clean it up the instruments that share frequency will remain. Thus giving you a dirty resulty.

For acapellas try subscription sites or p2p software.

Mensajes Fri 28 Aug 09 @ 3:50 am