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Tema: VCI-300 disable Right deck as smart scratch
yvesmkPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hi, on my vci-300 the left deck scratches as expected, or with a backspin, I just hear the sound.
On the right deck, on the other hand, I don't hear the sound when I do a backspin.
I've been looking for the smart scratch, which I think to have seen somewhere this function in VDJ (have the sound muted when you do a backspin), but can't find this option.

And what is strange is that the right deck behaviour is different then the left deck.

Any help on this?
where to look for , how to solve this?


Mensajes Sat 14 Nov 09 @ 3:44 pm
TearEmUpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006
Just above the platter is the scratch button. Is it green? If not then try to depress it, and see if it turns green. You might have scratch on by default, and for some odd reason it is only activating on one deck.

Mensajes Sat 14 Nov 09 @ 3:52 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Turn off the smart scratch for the right deck ... look on the default skin - SCRATCH panel, bottom center - if the orange padlock is there - click it so its gray.

Mensajes Sat 14 Nov 09 @ 4:50 pm