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For older version, like VirtualDJ 7.

NOTE: VirtualDJ 7 is not maintained anymore.
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JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
The only pratical way to dio it now is through a mixer, something like in the advance soundcard image in my privious post above...You'll need an open output/input pair for loopback from your mixer to record from...

Goo Luck,


Mensajes Sun 04 Sep 11 @ 8:05 am
dj joodHome userMember since 2006
hey.. im using tracktor interface with vdj my set up is 2 cdjs and a mixer and my laptop.. i want to know how to record externally with out using the internal fader.. cuz when i record vdj still picks up the right/left side when my crossfader on my external mixer is on the opposite side...

Mensajes Tue 01 Nov 11 @ 3:06 pm
drAJopPRO InfinityMember since 2012
Hi, I don't have a mic just an external mixer but I can't seperate the two sounds, i.e when I have pfl on it's recording with what's playing before I want it to be would I seperate the sounds in my config with just an external mixer? Thanks to anyone that can help me :)

Mensajes Thu 04 Oct 12 @ 4:25 pm
drAJopPRO InfinityMember since 2012
Ironically, for some reason my words wouldn't seperate on the message I just posted

Mensajes Thu 04 Oct 12 @ 4:29 pm

Mensajes Fri 05 Oct 12 @ 7:08 am

I am trying for the first time to record my mixes in VDJ PRO 7 to a black CD.
I am totally lost.
Can someone help?
By the way, I am using Hercules 4MX

Mensajes Mon 19 Aug 13 @ 8:07 pm
oh, by the way....I have the Hercules 4MX controller

Mensajes Mon 19 Aug 13 @ 8:08 pm

Mensajes Mon 19 Aug 13 @ 8:53 pm
Am very disappointed that atomix does not support it's older vdj apps. It's like an auto maker not manufacturing spare parts for its older model cars. Rethink this policy atomix. Let's face it your vdj 8 is not dj friendly. The pro 7 is the best.

Mensajes Tue 23 Oct 18 @ 7:35 pm
Maybe if you have a cracked version or very old hardware.

Mensajes Tue 23 Oct 18 @ 7:52 pm
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