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Tema: scratch settings
Anyone have any suggestions for setting the scratch settings in VDJ with a Numark Mixdeck pro?

just doesnt sound right to me and im having trouble dialing it in.

Mensajes Fri 04 Feb 11 @ 8:57 pm
Open up VDJ

Go to Config

Click the Options Tab

slide the Jog Sensitivity (Cue) slightly to the Left.

Also try sliding the Jog sensitivity (scratch) a little to the left also.

That may work. However I scratch as a professional (even though I just started DJing) and found that the Mixtrack Pro cant keep up with my physical hand movement of the scratching that I do which results in the the scratching being wayyyyyyy off of what I am really scratching. I think that is just the way it is with the mixtrack pro. If I (or you) want precise scratching as if it was a true turntable then we will have to purchase a mixer such as the NS7. I hope this helps.


Mensajes Fri 04 Feb 11 @ 9:44 pm
If you purchase an ASIO sound card such as Numark DJIO, you will be able to set much lower latency (Via the ASIO Config button) and have a much faster scratch response.

However, some sound cards may not be supported in VirtualDJ LE, which is limited software. You would need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro (if you do not have it already).

The options required for the Numark DJIO are:

Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Sound card: ASIO

If you can select these, then you shouldn't need to upgrade (NOTE: The ASIO may not appear if you do not have any ASIO sound cards present in your computer.)

The ASIO emulator ASIO4ALL makes non-ASIO capable sound cards appear as ASIO capable sound cards to software applications such as VirtualDJ. This may give you improved latency, but it wll be nowhere near as good as what you can achieve with a real ASIO sound card such as Numark DJIO.

You would install ASIO4ALL, then go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and choose:

Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Sound card: ASIO4ALL

Click on the ASIO Config button and ensure that only the MixTrack's sound card is enabled.

Mensajes Fri 18 Feb 11 @ 8:10 pm
What about the settings for an RMX on a MAC?

Mensajes Sat 19 Feb 11 @ 6:07 pm
Here watch this video,

It might work with a remix, try it it can't hurt

Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 11 @ 8:13 am
coach kPRO InfinityMember since 2010
island sjoa wrote :
What about the settings for an RMX on a MAC?

I put all 3 of my jogs sensitivity levels to 70-85% high and I find that works for me and many others, but I also suggest you take time experiment with what may work for you. I'm using the RMX with a Macbook Pro 13 in and it took me a short while to find that comfort level on the pull back and release in scratching on it, where most songs sound great scratching, but there are some that will still sound like its under water. Yet you'll find it to be very few songs.

Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 11 @ 11:21 am
@beatbreaker1 - The registry tool is only available to Professional Edition users.

Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 11 @ 12:10 pm
That should be more incentive for them to upgrade, Lol, and I think I said that in the video aswell ;-)


Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 11 @ 12:29 pm
I tried to setup scratch controller keyboard shortcut on virtual dj 8 but it doesn't work

Mensajes Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 2:01 am
Plz anyone with help

Mensajes Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 2:03 am
This post is 7 years old. Thats like the stoneage in digital time. It's usually better to create a new post

If you are using your keyboard as controller you wont be able to scratch well. You can get a few sounds out by mapping faked jogwheel motion, or trigger samples with scratch sounds, but no real scratching

Mensajes Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 2:44 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009

Mensajes Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 9:46 am
Hopefully you were able to learn something from this post. Please don't open old threads, start a new one. Thank you.

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Mensajes Sat 20 Jan 18 @ 10:04 pm