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Tema: Typhoon ASIO driver help
Please help. I am using Virtual DJ 7. I was running it with MAC and everything was fine till I switched to Windows. I downloaded the ASIO driver for the Vestax Typhoon from their website and it keeps crashing when I choose ASIO and hit the "apply" button under Sound setup. I have used windows before with a denon hc4500 and had no issues. Please help.
My setup:
Windows 7 Home 64 bit, 4 gigs ram, i3 M350 2.27, Dell,

Mensajes Thu 07 Apr 11 @ 2:18 am
I've had my ASIO Denon driver for my HC4500 controller for years where updates from both VDJ and Denon has resolved the issues I've experienced. I just purchased a new Vestax Typhoon Controller packaged with VDJ LE (which I didn't install). On my new back up HP Notebook with Windows XP, I installed VDJ 7.0.4, the ASIO Typhoon Drivers and everything works great.

On my main notebook where I've been using my Denon controller with the ASIO Denon driver on Win XP, I installed the ASIO Typhoon Driver and it will not let me select the Typhoon sound card. I keep getting the Crash Guard window. I select recover and VDJ reboots (not the PC) and I get the same error.

I've tried changing the sound card with the device disconnected from the notebook. I've also tried the ASIOALL v.2 driver (this tells me 'not enough channels').

The bottom line is that I am unable to select the ASIO Typhoon sound card and I really don't want to uninstall my Denon drivers (which is for my main system).

It sounds like there is a conflict with the Denon / Vestax drivers installed ? Please help.

Mensajes Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 8:58 am

Mensajes Fri 12 Aug 11 @ 9:06 am