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not sure if this is a p.c or virtual dj issue

everytime i start up my p.c, my computer says found new hardware ( hercules remix) and i need to install all drivers again, my computer meets all the minimal requirement suggested ?

any advice


Mensajes Sun 16 Oct 11 @ 5:28 pm
Please download and install the latest Hercules drivers. A link can be found on the following page:

When installing, follow the on-screen wizard instructions EXACTLY. If any Windows 'found new hardware' prompts come up during the installation, ignore them (Otherwise you will install generic Windows drivers that won't work.)

Mensajes Mon 17 Oct 11 @ 5:22 am
DJ PhatsoPRO InfinityHercules Support TeamMember since 2005

Mensajes Mon 17 Oct 11 @ 6:38 am
for some reason everytime I open virtual dj on my laptop it only opens in a little icon box on bottom of screen but wont open full screen to where I can actually use the

Mensajes Tue 03 Sep 13 @ 5:31 pm
I don't know why you've dug up a two year old thread to ask something that's totally unrelated, but anyway...

If you right click on the VDJ icon on your desktop and choose properties, click the shortcut tab and check where it says run. In the dropdown box you can select normal window, minimized or maximized.

Select normal or maximized.

You didn't say what OS you're using, but the above is based on Windows 7.


Mensajes Tue 03 Sep 13 @ 5:44 pm
I need the driver for my hercules 4-Mx, because i have windows 10. Where i can find it?

Mensajes Thu 05 May 16 @ 1:03 pm
On the Hercules web site?

Please avoid asking questions unrelated to the posts above, and also please do not post your message in very old threads.

Mensajes Thu 05 May 16 @ 6:38 pm
my computer just did some updates when shut down and started again and i keep losing the use of asio how do i fix

Mensajes Sun 09 Apr 17 @ 12:25 am
Are you using VDJ 7?

Please expand on "losing the use". What exactly are you doing, and what is happening?

What controller are you using? Is the ASIO driver the one provided by the controller manufacturer?


Mensajes Sun 09 Apr 17 @ 7:59 am
hola soy nuevo pero me gusta mucho mesclar un amigo me regalo el prodigy fx b52 pero un tengo problema no sale audio de virtual dj a mi prodigy no se que hacer ya lo conecte d mil maneras pero y aun asi nada creo que talves necesite u disco d instacion o alguien sabe d donde descargar los drivers para mi prodigy ojala mepuedan ayudar porque no quiero renunciar por cierto si tengo la tarjeta d audio externa y si me la reconoce pero aun asi nada tambien quiero mencionar que es para virtual 8 mil gracias a todos


Mensajes Sun 08 Apr 18 @ 10:51 pm
When i open Virtual DJ 8 software, my system says "DirectX failed to initialize. Please install the correct drivers for your video card!". Can you guys help me out?

Mensajes Wed 29 Aug 18 @ 10:54 am
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Sadly I don’t have the answer for you as I haven’t experienced this.

But you should start a new topic in the Technical Support area - this is for old versions of Virtual DJ for those who still use them. People whom at be able to help you might not be looking at this area of the forums.

Also, it is usually a bad idea to open old topics like this one. A moderator will likely lock this one.

Mensajes Wed 29 Aug 18 @ 4:11 pm
I just bought a new Numark N6II. I am using this control with virtual dj and I bought the one month license. Every time I played music within 30 mins it suddelty stops playing. Any one know the reasons to my issue?

Mensajes Thu 14 Mar 19 @ 11:03 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
You need to log in within VDJ with the same username and password as you did here for the forums.

Mensajes Fri 15 Mar 19 @ 2:13 pm
what operated dual player atomix?

Mensajes Thu 28 Nov 19 @ 12:39 pm
virtual 8

Mensajes Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 10:52 pm
ik krijg mijn voorbeluistering met de kop telefoon niet ingesteld,

Mensajes Mon 28 Jun 21 @ 9:46 am
virtual dj driver voor windows , mijn denon maakt geen verbinding

Mensajes Mon 28 Jun 21 @ 9:51 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Mensajes Mon 28 Jun 21 @ 10:12 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Mensajes Mon 28 Jun 21 @ 10:13 am