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Mensajes Fri 25 May 12 @ 11:06 pm
Hello all, I lost my Hercules 4-mx manufacturer disc which came with LE version and had a 4-mx skin that made it a lot easier to program into the functions of the keys on the controller such as FX (backspin, flanger etc) My hard drive crashed and I have a gig tomorrow night out and am trying to resolve this as quick as possible. Much to my dismay there was not a skin option on this virtual dj site either... its safe to say i am not a happy camper right now.

-jason , KAV1ANI

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Mensajes Sat 26 May 12 @ 4:38 am
Go to your Download center and download the latest update available for you. Normally it should include the skin that come with your controller.

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Mensajes Wed 19 Jun 13 @ 1:17 am
i lost the software for my hercules 4mx controller,
so as you said i downloaded the latest version of virtual dj pro 7.
but it still doesn't work, what am i doing wrong or what should i do?

Martin FourS
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Mensajes Wed 19 Jun 13 @ 3:32 am

VDJ doesn't come with drivers for your 4MX. You can obtain these from the website of Hercules:
Please follow the instructions for installation.

BTW: There's also a Dutch forum for your questions ;)

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Mensajes Fri 06 Nov 15 @ 6:25 am
i just wanted to know about the license which comes with the controller,hercules 4-mx.Can it be installed in one or more pcs for using.

dj ya love
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Mensajes Sun 08 Nov 15 @ 11:54 am
i had virtual djLE 7.4.2 and i lost my cd i'd like to have the same program because i didnt have to paye how can i use the same with my dj wego

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Mensajes Sun 08 Nov 15 @ 12:16 pm
If you had a 4MX version of LE, then you would not be able to use that with a WeGO - even if you didn't lose it.

Every LE version will work only with the controller it came with.

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Mensajes Sat 19 Dec 15 @ 9:16 pm
Hi how I can move the effects to a different buttons or how I can set up the effect in the buttons of I need thanks