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XiomanHome userMember since 2003
Please, add DM2 support to Virtual DJ... DM2MIDI works great on traktor... unfortunately, traktor lacks master tempo and effects which u guys got....I'm very interested in buying the virtual dj pro...but in the mean time please allow full support for the DM2.... I mean, midi key map works alright, but no scratching with the DM2 rings, no jog dial cueing... you guys could do a great job if you loooked @ it a little closer.... also, crossfader shortcut to desk 2 doesn't work, it takes it to desk 1...

Please guys, again... DM2 Support would be the best, it even has a crossfader, so no mixer needed..... ThaNKs, & Congrats on this excellent software!

Mensajes Wed 10 Sep 03 @ 5:33 am
I agree with this and here is why...

If Virtual DJ fully supported the DM2, people would buy the program and play. Then, when they get a taste of how the jog wheels work, they will realize that the DM2 is a TOY and look to purchase the "VirtualDJ Pro" controller.

You need to lower the price of the VirtualDJ Pro controllers, they are too expensive. I would buy *two* of them if they were cheaper and if they could be rack mounted.


Mensajes Wed 10 Sep 03 @ 2:10 pm
XiomanHome userMember since 2003
Definitely, $600 is a bit too much for 1 single controller... You guys which have the greatest and lowest priced software, are going to rip people off w/ the hardware?

Come on... that's 2 much for a controller... maybe $600 a pair and I'll buy them for sure...

that's a much as d-vinyl 2020 and final scratch w/ the cd adaptor... so guys, please rethink your pricing strategy!


Mensajes Wed 10 Sep 03 @ 9:14 pm
My Mixman DM-2 will be here next week!

...But i will NOT be using it with Virtual DJ because there is no way to scratch with the wheels, or the slider for crossfader

please add more midi shortcuts


Mensajes Sat 13 Sep 03 @ 12:14 am