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Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 12 @ 4:37 pm
Hi there!

I am heavily considering to buy a pair of CDJ-700's as i can't afford the Pio's, so i was wondering if the CDJ-700's has native HID compability with VDJ?

(Track names on screen and such)


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Mensajes Wed 21 Nov 12 @ 7:19 pm
Yes, I have the CDJ 700s, they are great and virtual dj does have HID support. No download for mapping requried. If you use Traktor there is no HID support only virtual DJ. Also when you get the 700s make sure you update the players to the latest firmware 4.2. This can be downloaded from there website.

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Mensajes Sat 27 Apr 13 @ 11:14 pm
So I hooked up my CDJ 700s with DDM4000 to Virtual DJ and for some reason it creates a buzzing sound through my speaker and the audio sounds super crappy compare to USB. Not sure why, but I can only control through one channel instead of 2... any idea what happened here?

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Mensajes Thu 04 Sep 14 @ 3:09 pm
je penses que c'est ton routage audio essai d'autres reglages..
Pour ma part, je suis assez satisfait du produit avec 4.4 update..
Juste aucunes réponses par rapport à Virtual Case .
Nous Voulons Notre RekorB*** pour nos playlist !!
Mensajes Fri 05 Sep 14 @ 4:01 am
Sorry, this forum is for English language messages only.

Please either post your message again in English or use the correct language forum:

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Mensajes Sun 11 Jan 15 @ 12:39 am
hello virtual users

i have just recently brought me the cdj 700s and is wondering if i had to use two usb cables to get both of the turn tables to work?
and would i also need a new mixer for it to sync with the programme aswell? cause at the moment only 1 turn table works and i cant seem to sync everything together. would any1 have any ideas thanks.