Forum: Old versions

For older version, like VirtualDJ 7.

NOTE: VirtualDJ 7 is not maintained anymore.
Tema: Making .Vdj Files Into .Wav Files Sound Effects (Samples)
Making .Vdj Files Into .Wav Files Sound Effects (Samles)
.Vdj files cannot be played on itunes or any other player (ONLY Virtual Dj)

(NOW) By Changing .Vdj Into .Wav you can play it on itunes or (ANY OTHER PLAYER)

Making .VDJ Into .Wav Or .Mp3 Form

First Go To "Virtual Dj" File Go To (Sample) You Will See "put your hands up.vdj" & Other files with .vdj
Change .VDJ Into .OGG (Like This)->"put your hands up.ogg"
Then Convert "put your hands up.ogg" using www.
Save As .Wav

(It's That Easy) This Do Take Time I Had Over 200 Sound Effects It took me over 1 hour to convert everything over to .Wav
but in the end it was well worth it.
(& YES .Wav do work on Virtual Dj & Itunes) If not playing check your vdj settings make sure it says play all files)

If anyone have any sound effects that they would like to "SHARE or TRADE OFF" Please Email Me At
*WebSite* Www.DjSkyHiiGH.Tk

Thank You

Mensajes Mon 10 Feb 14 @ 9:46 am
I think all you actually have to do is just change the extension from. vdj to. mp3. Then replay it in VDJ so you can set the grid properly and then your on your way.

Hopefully this is changed in 8 and just saves as an mp3 like Traktor does......

Mensajes Mon 10 Feb 14 @ 12:27 pm
i don't get it how do you turn vdjsamplefile into mp3??

Mensajes Mon 02 Mar 15 @ 3:29 pm
what Beat meant is just rename it ex: SAMPLE.VDJ rename to SAMPLE.MP3

Mensajes Mon 02 Mar 15 @ 8:56 pm
....but they're ogg files, with an additional VDJ header part. Strip that out and rename to ogg, then you're good to go.

Mensajes Tue 03 Mar 15 @ 4:18 am
talking a load of bollocks, cant just rename it, converter doesnt recognise it.

Mensajes Wed 27 Dec 17 @ 12:49 pm