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Discussion about Midi Fighter Spectra

-updated for latest MidiFighter firmware

-updated for latest MidiFighter firmware (mf utility)
-added LED light flash to active combos
-added 3rd combo
-added bottom LEDs flash to SYNC beat
-other tweaks to mappings
*disable momentary CC in mf utility* (future builds might use these later)
more future features to come


4 bank control of 2 decks
-bank 1 & 2 = left deck (1) & right deck (2)
-row 1 = loop control
-row 2 = play control w/led support
-row 3 = effects w/ all 4 buttons down COMBO
-row 4 = hot cues
added to 3rd row 1,2,3,3,4(hold 4) COMBO (from left to right)

-bank 3 & 4= left & right decks (both)
-rows 1 & 2 = left deck
-rows 3 & 4 = right deck

use the Midi Fighter Utility to customize controller default LEDs and settings as follows:
-midi channel : 3
-midi velocity : 34
-momentary CC : DISABLED
-combos : enabled
-bank side buttons : enabled

Midi Fighter Spectra Utility can be downloaded here under Spectra support

Additional Doc is a picture of LED color mapping


Mensajes Fri 08 Aug 14 @ 5:23 pm
Link won't link to download.

Mensajes Thu 29 Dec 16 @ 3:31 pm