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Mensajes Fri 14 Nov 14 @ 6:19 am
SCS.1d - Slicer (Effect) - 8 Pads

the mapping is similar to the factory default from vdj8, I only added the Slicer (Effect) to the 8 Pads on the deck

22 HotCue Mode
20 Loop Mode & Loop Roll Pads
21 Slicer Mode
23 in HotCue Mode=Delete Cue Point ; in Loop Mode=Switch Loop Mode ; in Slicer Mode=Slice Pad 1,2,3,4
Loop Mode : Sub-Modes: 1=Loop In/Out Bank ; 2=Loop x2 /2 Bank ; 3=Saved Loop Mode (see page 7/8 on vdj8 scs1m manual) ; 4=Loop Roll Mode

24 in HotCue Mode=Set/Trigger Cue Point ; in Loop Mode=Triggers Loops ; in Slicer Mode=Slice Pads 5,6,7,8
Loop Mode : Sub-Mode 3=Saved Loop Mode : Press Pad=Save Loop/Arm Loop ; Press&Hold Pad=Delete Saved Loop

if you want to edit the text on the LCD windows in "SLICER PADMODE VDJ8 by pARtybOy",check for Midi "Text_Pad_1" (2,3,and 4) and search the last code in the script:
var 'padmode'1...etc...etc... : get_text 'type whatever you like here'


Mensajes Fri 14 Nov 14 @ 6:24 am
21 Slicer Pad Mode
one press = Slicer FX Length 1/2 beat ; press & hold (250ms) = Slicer FX Length 1/4 beat
(you always can change the Slicer Length by selecting the "Slicer" effect on each deck)

Mensajes Sat 22 Nov 14 @ 4:55 am
UPDATE some bug fixes, reverse play (on-screen only), some more led feedback, deck colors...

Mensajes Thu 12 Nov 15 @ 1:49 am
UPDATE: bug fixes,
FX knobs: fx amount is reset by pressing amount knob, lenght knob resets on press;
LOOP knob: trigger a loop by pressing endless knob,press&hold the button bellow the knob to move the loop forward/back;
AUTOMIX knob press&hold activates automix, press once plays next track in automix list,
24 loop pads loop jump by 100% forward/back.

Mensajes Sat 19 Nov 16 @ 7:02 pm
for numark ndx 900 not pads? mapper?

Mensajes Tue 05 Feb 19 @ 9:46 am