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For older version, like VirtualDJ 7.

NOTE: VirtualDJ 7 is not maintained anymore.
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so whats the deal with the mapper any news or would it be best for me to stop asking and move on

Mensajes Fri 28 Aug 15 @ 1:24 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
emailed you

Mensajes Fri 28 Aug 15 @ 3:22 am
Thank you

Mensajes Fri 28 Aug 15 @ 4:59 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
We had minimum but positive feedback from a couple of users volunteered, so we decided to upload the mapping files for all our users so that anyone can test and report back if any issues exist.

Support for the Pioneer DJM-2000 is available in builds ending at xxxx.1063 (or higher)
To get the latest updated controllers version, simply launch VirtualDJ 8, wait for a few seconds and then relaunch.
Verify the build number from the Settings window.

Some remarks...
  • The DJM-2000 is not providing Midi Out (LEDs) controls, meaning that VirtualDJ is not able to control the LEDs of the mixer. Those are controlled by the hardware. This is the reason why the majority of the LCD Pages/Types are left unassigned. Feel free to provide any ideas about the default mapping.
  • The PAGEs on the LCD Screen are not fully mapped. Only Type A - PAGE 1 is mapped to control 16 Sample pads and the last 2 buttons at the bottom should select the previous and the next Sampler Bank. As mentioned above, since the unit is not offering any Midi Out, the status (on/off) of each one of these buttons may not "match" with the software one.
  • In case any of the buttons/sliders do not work as expected, nor appear in the Key Learn of the Controllers tab, please make sure that the MIDI Channel is properly assigned. The Type A/B/C/D Type probably need to be in MIDI Channel 2 and the rest on MIDI Channel 1. Make also sure that the selected mode is set to Momentary. See Manual of the DJM-2000 - page 25
  • We have created a pre-defined audio configuration for the mixer, so you should get a "special" button in the AUDIO Config and it should create an audio setup with deck1 - deck 4 to Chans 3.4 / 5,6 / 1,2 / 7,8. This means that the Channel order is 3-1-2-4 by default. Use the Mixer Options small button you will find in the 4 Decks default skin (right above the Crossfader) to change to 1-2-3-4 or other. The Audio configuration will automatically follow the selection if you agree on the prompt question.

Note. We still have no sample unit in our Labs, so please try to provide as much details as possible in case you need to report any issues.

PS. We set this topic as sticky for a couple of weeks to get all DJM-2000 users' attention.

Mensajes Wed 16 Sep 15 @ 9:58 pm
Can you send me, please?

Mensajes Fri 25 Jan 19 @ 1:38 am
Read the message above yours...
djdad wrote :

Support for the Pioneer DJM-2000 is available in builds ending at xxxx.1063 (or higher)

Mapping is built in - no sending of anything is required (and not permitted anyway since you don't have a license).

Mensajes Fri 25 Jan 19 @ 5:35 pm